The Bachelorette: Blake Moynes Reveals Why He Didn't Fall For Clare

Tayshia Adam's season of The Bachelorette culminated in an engagement with Zac Clark, finishing off a very dramatic run on the reality show. Her engagement is an eventful one, and not just because Zac's ex-wife broke her silence on his new engagement. It was an intense buildup to the dramatic proposal, one that saw other men take exits as Tayshia narrowed in on her final choice. There was Ben Smith's awkward and emotional exit and drama with Tayshia's relationship with Brendan Morais.

Amazingly, this was the second engagement to occur on the 2020 season of The Bachelorette, after Clare Crawley and Dale Moss rode off into the sunset. With two Bachelorettes, it was definitely a rollercoaster ride for both the contestants and leads, and one major player, Blake Moynes, spoke about the journey. Blake opened up about his experience with both Tayshia and Clare and admitted some shocking details about why he didn't fall for Clare. Here's what he had to say.

Blake convinced himself Clare was the one before even meeting her

Blake Moynes got candid with E! Online about his experience of getting to know both Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams. Because Blake knew that Clare was the Bachelorette going into the season, he had the time to really get invested in her — perhaps too much.

"I convinced myself that Clare was the one for me before I even got to La Quinta (the resort in Palm Springs, Calif.)" Blake said. He knew that Clare was the lead for 4 months ahead of filming and admitted that he came in 100% invested. Blake said he even imagined proposing to Clare by the end of the season. However, in hindsight, Blake admitted that the level of intensity with which he entered the season might have been a reason why he didn't ultimately fall for Clare.

"I took it really [seriously], but at the same time, it was a little bit of the downfall for me. Because it wasn't organic. It wasn't a true, real connection, reaction, talking to her. I fell in love with like, a lifestyle, what I saw."

But even without this "real connection," Blake still admitted to being "shocked" and "distraught" when Clare left with Dale, as he told Us Weekly. He even shared that he started stress-balding in the shower. Poor guy!