The Bachelorette: Why Brendan Morais Doesn't Regret His Split With Tayshia

Many fans found Tayshia Adams to be one of the best leads in Bachelor Nation's history. Unlike the confusing drama of Peter Weber's season and the quickie romance between Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, Tayshia brought elegance and humor to the role. She also had a sensible and fair approach to the honestly awesome grouping of men (except Yosef) vying for her heart.

Despite such a fabulous grouping, Tayshia still had to whittle down her suitors until she picked her one and only, who wound up being Zac Clark. Good for them! But it wasn't an easy journey to her final choice, and Tayshia had to make some tough decisions and sorrowful goodbyes. There was the awkward and tearful goodbye with Ben Smith. Tayshia also had to say goodbye to Brendan Morais, which was a surprise since so many fans were rooting for them. Speaking of Brendan, he recently shared how he's doing post-season, and surprisingly, he doesn't regret what happened.

So why does Brendan feel OK about the breakup? Keep on reading for the whole story.

Brendan admits he needs to work on himself

Brendan Morais was one of the most promising leads on Tayshia Adams' season of The Bachelorette, with many fans convinced that they would ride off into the sunset together, with Brendan in a turtleneck, of course. But things took a turn when Brendan chose to leave the season early because he felt he wasn't ready yet to get engaged, per the Daily Mail.

Brendan spoke to Nick Viall during a Dec. 29, 2020, episode of his podcast The Viall Files and said, "I don't regret anything, but I'm still sad about it — absolutely still sad that that's the way it played out." Fans of the show will remember that Brendan and Tayshia both happened to be divorced, and the similarities in their pasts gave them a unique bond. But Brendan also admitted that he might need to do some work yet. Speaking to Nick, Brendan explained, "I want the wife and kids and a family more than anything on the face of this earth."

Brendan added, "But then [I've been] coming to the realization that there's a big part of me that's still broken, there's a big part of me that still needs time to heal. There's a big part of me that needs time to grow." That seems pretty legitimate to us!