The Untold Truth Of Becky G

Becky G is a small but mighty force in the music industry. The singer was discovered on YouTube in 2011 has been steadily making a name for herself in the Latin genre by releasing hit songs and collaborating with rappers like J Balvin and Bad Bunny. Becky G has also toured across many Latin American countries, proving herself as one of the world's best and most underrated young performers.

Besides her prowess on stage, Becky G is also a talented actress. She has appeared in films like Power Rangers and House of Sin. Becky G's talent has attracted a massive following on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she has over 25 million followers, and that number only continues to grow every day. She often posts about her performances and gives fans insight into her personal life. Despite her openness, there's actually more to discover about this petite singer and rapper.

Becky G lived in her grandparents' garage growing up

Becky G was born in Inglewood, Calif., to Mexican parents Alex and Frank Gomez. Growing up, Becky G said her parents had struggled financially to the point where their family of five had to sleep in her grandparents garage, via ABC News. However, she was grateful for her parents' encouragement to pursue a career in Hollywood. "My parents are so cool, so chill, super hip. They know what's up," Becky G told the outlet in 2014. "So you know, when I've got an outfit and it's not too cute and I'm not digging it, my mom's got my back."

Growing up as a second-generation American, Becky G was proud of her Mexican heritage because her grandparents' sacrifices meant that she could live the American dream, via Rolling Stone. "The American dream of my grandparents ... was just wanting a better life for their families, a better education, better job opportunities, a safer way of living," said Gomez in a video detailing what drove her to vote in the November 2016 elections. "Me being second-generation American, knowing that so much sacrifice has got into me being able to just go to school, or being able to walk out and not have to worry about being deported somewhere."

Becky G was an actress first and a singer second

Although Becky G first made it big with her covers and songs on YouTube, singing wasn't actually her first calling. "I asked my parents if I could try out acting for six months. If I wasn't booking anything after six months, I'd quit," Becky G told Seventeen in 2012. "They let me get an agent and I booked almost everything I tried out for, from commercials and magazine modeling, to short films."

Becky G said that after six months of acting, her parents let her keep her agent and helped her to sign up for dance class. It was then she knew she wanted to be a singer. "I'll never forget the feeling of walking out on stage when my dance class performed in L.A. That's when I knew I wanted to be a singer," Becky G added. "When I was 11, I decided to start rapping, playing guitar, and writing songs. Everything really blossomed from there."

Becky G is one of J. Lo's biggest fans

As a young Latina, Becky G found an idol in Jennifer Lopez and remixed her song "Jenny From the Block" in 2013. Lopez even made an appearance in Becky G's music video and they've been friends ever since. "Having J. Lo in my music video was awesome because when I was writing the cover of [her song] 'Jenny From the Block' I never thought she'd even listen to it. I was in awe." Becky G told Elle in 2013. "The night I recorded it, they sent it over to J. Lo. She listened to it, and a few days later showed up at the recording studio. We got to hang out. She brought the song and asked to be in the video."

As for what makes Lopez so admirable? Her work ethic, as Becky G told E! News in November 2020. She said that Lopez was "an incredible overall entertainer" and "an incredible mother" because of all the things she's done throughout her career — something that Becky G aspires to be.

Becky G's boyfriend is an athlete

Being Latina is not the only thing that Becky G has in common with Jennifer Lopez, as they both have athletic partners. Becky G has been dating soccer star Sebastian Lletget since 2016 and he even appeared in her music video for "My Man."

"There's a lot of similarities in our worlds, they're also very different," Becky G told The Los Angeles Times in October 2020 about her relationship with Lletget. "And to be honest it's a lot of fun at the same time. You don't really think about it, like, 'Oh, you know, we're famous.' It's really cool to hear if that's how it looks from the outside but on the inside, for us, it's really just us doing what we love to do with the person we love."

The two of them aren't shy about their love either, posting snaps on Instagram and doing podcasts together. It's hard to believe Becky G's all grown up now.