90 Day Fiance: Why Stephanie Secretly Pays Ryan's Wages

On Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé, things between Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr seem to get more and more dysfunctional with each new episode of the TLC reality show — and the fifth installment was no exception.

Recently, cracks appeared in the May-December romance — they are 25 years apart in age — between the entrepreneur from Grand Rapids, Mich. and the hospitality worker from Ladyville, Belize, when she admitted to cheating on him with his cousin. Ouch.

Now, Stephanie, who owns two spas, says she is struggling financially because of their relationship. Not only does she lavish Ryan with gifts and support his family, paying up to $1,300 for their room and board each month, according to TV Insider, but it gets worse. Although Ryan works at a resort in Belize, the property does not pay his wages. Stephanie actually does — in secret. Why would she think a grown man would need to be handled with such kid gloves? Keep reading after the jump.

Stephanie Davison helped Ryan Carr land his job through a friend

On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Stephanie Davison revealed that she secretly pays her partner Ryan Carr's wages at the resort in Belize because it "helps his self-esteem," according to TV Insider. How exactly does that work? It turns out that the lifelong bachelorette is friends with the resort owner and landed Ryan the job. They then set up the secret payment scheme to bolster his confidence. We can only guess where his confidence is at now, after this confession...

Still, Stephanie seems determined to see the marriage through. She revealed in the episode that, after the borders re-open, she plans to fly to Belize to be with Ryan. She will bring along a family ring in the hopes that he will propose.

Everyone around her seems to think Stephanie is living in la la land, given all the problems with their relationship and the inherent issues of distance and age between the two. Stay tuned to see where these star-crossed lovers eventually wind up.