The Truth About The Bachelor's Brittany Galvin

Matt James has kicked off 2021 as the ultimate heartthrob on The Bachelor, and in true ABC form, his season promises to be as eventful and emotional as ever. For starters, there's a heartbreaking reason why Matt became the Bachelor. (Hint: it has something to do with his BFF, Tyler Cameron.)

It's not just Matt who's going to make the season eventful. We can count on his troupe of leading ladies to add plenty of tension to the mix, and Matt doesn't seem to mind. Amazingly, he actually appreciated the controversial "Queen" Victoria Larson on his first evening as Bachelor, but Queen Victoria ain't the only gal bringing the drama on Matt's season. In fact, there are quite a few characters spicing up the season, in large part because a record-breaking number of women applied to be a part of Matt's journey, Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight. On night one, fans watched Matt meet 32 women, and even more arrive after night one, which, of course, only adds to the tension, but hey, it's producer heaven. 

One of the late arrivals was none other than Brittany Galvin, and there's a lot to know about her. Brittany signed with Wilhelmina Models and reportedly hails from Chicago. Her arrival on The Bachelor stirred up some major controversy. Here's what happened.

Brittany Galvin is shrouded in drama and rumors

Brittany Galvin's arrival on Matt James' season of The Bachelor has been anything but chill. In fact, some of the other contestants have use words such as "sugar baby" and "escort" to describe her, according to Women's Health. One contestant, Anna Redman, even claimed that Brittany "may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy men."

Reality Steve spilled some tea on his blog: "If you watched Chris Harrison's introduction of the women he did live on Twitter and Facebook, when he introduced Kaili Anderson, he said she works in the club scene in Chicago and her job has her being embroiled in a dramatic storyline this season." Okay, so what? Hold on, there's more: "Kaili is the one that accuses Brittany of being an escort, I assume because of things she's heard around Chicago being in the club scene," said Reality Steve. "And then Anna, also being from Chicago, apparently has heard things as well and jumps in and that's where the drama starts. In terms of who Matt believes, and who goes home when, I don't have the details on that," he added. 

It's worth noting that Brittany has not addressed these rumors, and regardless, it's never okay to shame any profession, including sex workers. Where this drama leads throughout Matt's season is still to be determined, but we'll keep you in the know every step of the way.