The Truth About The Bachelor's Kaili Anderson

Although Matt James' Bachelor debut on Jan. 4, 2021, may have been relatively calm for what Bachelor Nation is accustomed to, there is plenty of drama promised for The Bachelor's 25th season. Surprise women and previous Bachelor contestants showing up to the stately Nemacolin Woodlands Resort are a few of the rumored shocks incorporated into Matt's journey. One rumor in particular, though, has people's interest piqued.

At the end of Matt's first Bachelor episode, fans got a peek into the season's future events. Contestant Katie Thurston was heard saying, "Well I've heard two different terms going around, I've heard 'sugar baby' and 'escort,'" which are words not normally thrown around in Bachelor shows. Then, contestant Anna Redman said, "she may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy men."

This chatter understandably left viewers with some questions, but per usual, blogger Reality Steve already had some information to share. (Spoiler alert)"If you watched Chris Harrison's introduction of the women he did live on Twitter and Facebook, when he introduced Kaili Anderson, he said she works in the club scene in Chicago and her job has her being embroiled in a dramatic storyline this season," he explained. However, it's not Kaili's profession that is being attacked. "Kaili is the one that accuses Brittany [Galvin] (who reportedly appears later in the show) of being an escort, I assume because of things she's heard around Chicago," he continued. 

Now that the person in question has been revealed, let's look into the truth about The Bachelor's Kaili Anderson.

Kaili Anderson has had trouble finding love

Kaili Anderson's official Bachelor biography lists her as a hostess, and as Reality Steve said, Chris Harrison added that she works as a hostess "in the club scene" of Chicago. Kaili is a 26-year-old San Diego native who is ready to find someone witty, charismatic, and has a good sense of humor. Her bio says she "loves to show affection through spending quality time with her partner, performing acts of service, and making sure that her man knows their voice is being heard." Although she has so much love to give, her family has apparently never approved of a single guy she has dated, and she is hoping Matt James can change that.

Although Kaili calls herself an "amateur runner" in her Instagram bio, she dreams of one day completing an ultra-marathon, which is a run that exceeds the distance of a normal marathon, per Very Well Fit. Her Instagram is full of photos flaunting her ripped abs and her life working in the club. Upon her Bachelor debut, she shared a picture of Matt giving her a rose and wrote, "He's OUR boyfriend now."

From her initial jaw-dropping entrance dressed in lingerie to the rumored chaos in which she partakes, it seems that Kaili is going to be quite the character. However, just after one episode, viewers are already not enjoying the fact that she has listed Matt as her boyfriend.

Bachelor fans are not a fan of Kaili Anderson

Kaili Anderson truly wowed Matt James when she greeted him for the first time wearing lingerie and a robe. "I realized I don't know anything about you. So, what better opportunity to figure out what you like than to ask your opinion on what I should wear!" she exclaimed before giving Matt two sparkling dresses to pick between. While this exemplifies that Kaili truly wants to show her man his opinion matters, other contestants watching the conversation weren't particularly in love with the stunt, and the internet quickly reflected their views.

"Kaili was the girl you rushed who showed up with aggressively caked on makeup on and didn't get into top houses because of her scandalous instagram/ cocky 'tude...." one viewer slammed. Another wrote that while she encourages women to support other women, she couldn't help but feel that the act was "classless."

In the end, though, it truly only matters how Matt feels, and he was definitely not disappointed in her entrance. "I appreciate anybody going out of their way to make a gesture," Matt said, per Entertainment Tonight. "Walking up in your lingerie? You own that. I love that you did that," he continued. While Kaili's entrance was surely a memorable one, she was not the only woman to impress Matt during their first meeting.

Matt James was impressed with many of his contestants on the first night

Kaili Anderson's entrance is one that probably won't escape Matt James' mind too easily, but her brave move wasn't the only unforgettable first meeting of the night.

Going against the general public's consensus once again, Matt was excited by "Queen" Victoria Larson, who met Matt after being carried to him on a stately-looking chair by Bachelor production members. "I'm Victoria like the queen and I'm looking for a king with a good heart," she said as Matt took her hand. In an interview following his Jan. 4, 2021 Bachelor premiere, Matt shared with Jimmy Kimmel that he was super delighted about Victoria's queenly facade. "I appreciated everything about Victoria's entrance and who she was because... whatever you need to do to stand out, she did it," he shared. 

Another entrance burned into the memories of Bachelor Nation is that of bank marketing manager Katie Thurston. When she stepped out of the limo, she walked to Matt with her right hand tucked behind her back, clearly hiding something. "I brought something from home that's really special to me, and I thought I'd share it with you. This pandemic was really hard for me, and this just really got me through a lot. And I was hoping to pass the torch to you," she said before presenting Matt with a vibrator.

It's safe to say that Kaili isn't the only head-turning character on Matt's season of The Bachelor.

Will Kaili Anderson's lingerie be enough?

As he prepared for his Bachelor debut, Matt James admitted he had never been in love, so it's tough for fans to know just what he is looking for with such limited knowledge about his apparently less-than-intense dating life. While Kaili Anderson's Bachelor bio says she is in search of an "introspective, empathetic," man, Matt's blurb gives very little away about his desires. With that being said, it is possible that the two could hit it off over their shared enjoyment of physical exercise. Matt is a former collegiate football player, while as stated earlier, Kaili enjoys long runs and wouldn't mind a running partner.

However, it does seem that Kaili and Matt live quite opposite lives, with Kaili working in clubs all night and Matt helping underprivileged kids in New York City during the day through his ABCFoodTours organization. Matt often shares pictures of his adventures in New York and himself spending time with family, and Kaili posts sultry photos of herself in clothing similar to her Bachelor debut outfit. 

Matt did admit he finds love on the show in a Jan. 4 interview with Entertainment Tonight, and it very well may be with Kaili. Viewers will have to tune in to The Bachelor every Monday on ABC to see if Matt becomes Kaili's running partner for life.