The Truth About The Bachelor's Serena Chew

The change of seasons means new wardrobes, new trends, and the new star of ABC's Bachelor franchise. In 2021 the honor went to Matt James, and that was a historic decision (by ABC standards anyway), as Matt is the first Black bachelor. He's also the second Bachelor to not have been featured on The Bachelorette. Matt, in part, landed the coveted position thanks to his friendship with Bachelorette reject Tyler Cameron.

Matt joined the cast of the hit ABC show, hoping to do what all Bachelor contestants do: find love (and a couple of million Instagram followers while you're at it). According to his ABC bio, Matt is dedicated to nonprofit work around New York City, runs an organization that engages with underserved youth, and works as a real estate broker in his spare time. That sounds like a catch, right? You're probably wondering what kind of well-rounded woman would be a match for such a socially conscious (and ridiculously tall) dude. Well, according to ABC, at least 43 of them. 

Among the 32 women hoping to steal Matt's heart is Serena Chew or "Serena C.," as she's been dubbed by ABC. Read on to find out everything you need to know about The Bachelor hopeful.

Serena Chew is a hardworker who is 'always up for a good time'

Bachelor hopeful Serena Chew joined the Season 25 cast, hoping to win Matt James' heart. What makes Serena a viable contestant? Let's find out.

Serena is described as a "free spirit" and adventure lover, who is "always up for a good time," per ABC. Before appearing on The Bachelor, Serena satisfied her appetite for adventure by working as a flight attendant. A quick look at her Instagram confirms she's been all over the country. These days, Serena calls the Bay Area home, but she was born and raised in San Bruno, Calif., per Women's Health

On top of working as a flight attendant, Serena also runs a (now private) fashion blog called, which is reportedly inspired by renaissance style, according to Women's Health. She is a true fashionista at heart. Her Instagram bio states: "there is no such thing as being too overdressed." Here's hoping Serena stays around long enough to serve some seriously killer looks this season.

Serena Chew's fashion game is on point, and she expects her beau to be just as fashionable

Since Serena Chew is a bit of a fashionista what she's wearing is of the utmost importance to her. You've got to imagine that if she's going anywhere, especially the Bachelor mansion — err, resort in Pennsylvania — she's put some serious thought into her outfit. That's why it should come as no surprise that Serena expects the same amount of sartorial dedication from the men in her life. 

On her now-defunct blog, Serenaissance, Serena laid out a detailed list of what she expects in her boyfriend's capsule wardrobe (via Fameshala). The list includes henley long sleeves, thermal long sleeves and distressed black jeans, to name a few. Serena also suggested that they own a pair of lighter jeans, more fashionable athletic shoes (think a nice pair of Nikes) and a solid collection of clean white Ts. Look like Matt James might have some shopping to do.

Serena Chew tricked Matt James

When you're one of 32 contestants, you've got to find a way to stand out. Well, Serena Chew thought long and hard about her grand entrance before she met Matt James. How was she supposed to make herself seem impressive and exciting when going up against the likes of ballerinas and queens? Serena came up with a brilliant idea of her own. If she couldn't impress Matt with her dancing skills and she couldn't drive in on a truck, she'd make him fall for her ...erm, well, maybe it's the other way around. See, Serena decided that the best way to catch Matt's eye was already falling for him head over heels ... literally.

Devoted Bachelor viewers might remember Serena falling straight into Matt's arms in the first episode of his season when she was first introduced to him. Now we know it was all part of her plan. Only time will tell if the fall landed her a place in Matt's heart.

Serena Chew lives a jet set life

As previously mentioned, when Serena Chew isn't getting glammed up, she's busy earning a living as a flight attendant. Though, as of this writing, she's just in her early 20s, Serena started working for American Airlines in 2019, per LinkedIn. The Northern California native seemingly couldn't be happier about her international lifestyle. Peep her Instagram and you'll note that in the last few years alone, Serena has visited dozens of exotic locations, including France, Mexico, Germany, and London. According to her LinkedIn, she even lived in Germany for a while as an undergraduate student.

As a flight attendant, she's also spent a good deal of time getting to know the ol' US of A., spending time in California, Hawaii, New York, Utah, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It seems safe to say that if Matt James picks Serena, he'll have to make some changes to his single life in the city.