Why Kristen Wiig Once Gave Katy Perry A Lock Of Her Hair

"Hair's" an odd story for you: Did you know Katy Perry once asked Kristen Wiig for some of her locks?

The "California Girls" singer, who welcomed a daughter with partner Orlando Bloom in 2020, has definitely had her fair share of humorous, and plain odd-ball, moments. She trolled a 2020 awards show with a candidly hilarious postpartum selfie, introduced the world to Left Shark at the Super Bowl, and has taken us to Ancient Egypt and the basketball court in some of her smash-hit music videos. But what do you expect from a former Christian pop singer who achieved stardom by rebelliously vamping about how she "Kissed A Girl"? We would argue, in fact, that Perry's weirdness is part of why fans love her.

So it's also no wonder that Perry is pals with, or at the very least has a mutual respect for, comedian and Bridesmaids actress Kristen Wiig — so much so that the former Saturday Night Live cast-member once interviewed Perry, discussing their respective creative processes, with Perry referring lovingly to the actress as "chicken butt." But that's not the length of their friendship went. In fact, it went more like shoulder-length. In 2010, Wiig gifted Perry some strands of her hair. It's a pretty wild story that's comb — we mean — come to pass, but it's true. When Katy Perry first hosted SNL, Kristen Wiig gave the pop star a sweet card, and a few strands of hair in a bow. Scroll down to find out why. 

Katy Perry asked for Kristen Wiig's hair, and she obliged

So what happened with Katy Perry, Kristen Wiig, and the gift of hair? It all began when Perry tweeted in 2010, ahead of her first time hosting Saturday Night Live, that she was hoping, earnestly, to get a strand of hair's wig — sorry, Wiig's hair — when filming. "Dear Kristen Wiig can I have a lock of your hair... to put under my pillow...to touch before I go to bed every night...kthnxbye," Perry wrote, channelling her inner Helga Pataki. But Wiig, obviously a character herself, said yes to the offer, per Elle

"I said something like, 'it'd be a dream come true to have a lock of Kristen Wiig's hair to put under my pillow.' So when I did the show, you gave me a little card with a sweet message and a tiny lock of hair with a little baby-blue bow attached," Perry told Wiig when interviewed by the actress in Interview Magazine in 2012. Wiig responded, "I remember thinking, This is either the creepiest thing I've ever done or it's the best." Perry acknowledged that the gesture definitely erred toward creepy. "It's definitely the creepiest," adding, "That wasn't your real hair, though, was it?" To which Wiig answered, "Yeah, it was ... No, I cut my hair. I wouldn't give you wig hair. Gross." 

Could you imagine if Kristen Wiig gave Katy Perry strands of wig hair instead? Yeah — that, unlike this, would be bizarre.