Here's What Song Is Playing In The Allstate Moon Commercial

From State Farm's seemingly scandalous "Back in The Office" commercial to Geico's "Clogging Problem" ad (who can resist cracking a smile at those upstairs "cloggers"), insurance companies have seriously upped their TV commercial game in the past few years. Not only are some auto insurance ads hilarious (Geico's "Aunt Infestation" also comes to mind, while we have you), but some are so well-made they become part of the cultural conversation.

Case in point: Allstate's new 30-second "Moon" ad-spot. The commercial is certainly cinematic and, although it may not be hysterical — it hits all the right notes as it features two astronauts calmly navigating the moon's surface in a space rover as a groovy song plays in the background. It's so mesmerizing that some people are wondering: What is that song? "Somebody please tell me name of the song playing in this commercial," one Twitter user wrote.

If you're just as curious to know what has you toe-tapping to an insurance commercial of all things, keep on scrolling to find out for yourself what catchy tune is playing in Allstate's newest ad.

People are vibing with Allstate's commercial

So what song is playing in this sultry interstellar Allstate commercial? That would be "Cruisin'" by Smokey Robinson. In case you aren't a Motown savant, in the 1960s and 1970s, the singer co-wrote some of the era's most enduring hits with his group The Miracles, including "I Second That Emotion" and "The Tears of A Clown." His tune, "Cruisin,'" which he didn't put out until 1979, is now at the top of his solo Spotify page. Perhaps a little insurance commercial hasn't hurt the song's metrics! Regardless, now you can impress your sofa companions with some knowledge the next time the ad comes on.

Meanwhile, many people on Twitter were quick to note something else about Allstate's "Moon" ad. As the space buggy in the ad slowly zooms from a cliff, a disclaimer comes up on-screen that says "do not attempt." Say what?"Can't stop thinking about the Allstate commercial that has astronauts driving a lunar rover on the moon and on the bottom of the screen it says 'Please do not attempt' WHO IS THAT FOR?!" one Twitter user wrote. "Allstate TV ad shows astronauts in moon rover driving off a cliff edge into a crater with "Do not attempt" advisory on the bottom of the screen. My lunar vacation is later this week, so saw this just in time," wrote another

Was Allstate erring too much on the side of caution, at least for us earth-bound drivers? We "Second That Emotion"!