The Truth About The Bachelor's Lauren Maddox

There's someone named "Lauren" looking for love on The Bachelor. Who could have seen that one coming? Oh, wait, just about everyone. Longtime fans of the reality TV franchise know "Lauren" is the most popular name among contestants. In fact, it's so highly prevalent that one Reddit user went back into the archives and counted up all the Laurens, deducing that Lauren Maddox is actually the 17th person named "Lauren" to appear on the show. Wow, that's a lot of Laurens.

Seemingly referencing the frequency of Laurens in Bachelor Nation, Chris Harrison remarked, "I do like my Laurens" when he introduced the women on Matt James' season of The Bachelor back in December 2020. He shared that she's 29 years old and described her as "another really sweet, really down-to-earth girl." Chris said Lauren is "tough," teasing that she has a "tough right jab, like literally," which is definitely a reference to one of those competitive group dates.

He also pointed out that she is "one of the quieter, more soft-spoken girls." However, he promised she "definitely knows how to turn it on when it counts, especially on the group dates." Could that be his way of implying she's on multiple group dates (i.e. she sticks around for a while)? Laurens normally fare well on this show. Lauren Bushnell "won" Ben Higgins' final rose and Lauren Burnham is still married to her Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. Lauren jokes aside, this one in particular brings a lot to the table.

Lauren Maddox is a corporate attorney

According to her cast member bio, Lauren Maddox is a corporate attorney based in Miami, Fla.  She has worked at the Law Office of Ignacio M. Sarmiento since August 2018, per her LinkedIn page. It's not too surprising that she works in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area since she got her law degree from the University of Miami School of Law in 2017, where she graduated with honors. 

In addition to excelling in her law school course work, Lauren was very active with extracurricular activities. She was the staff editor for the University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review. The Bachelor contestant also served as the Business and Online Managing Editor for the University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review. Additionally, she was a member of the Student Bar Association. In 2015, she shared a photo from the Barrister's Ball, having also served as the Barrister's Ball Committee Chair. Quite the busy woman!

Lauren Maddox is a proud UNC graduate

Before graduating from law school, Lauren Maddox received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2013, according to her LinkedIn page. Specifically, she got a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government. She also took part in a program called Duke-UNC Philosophy, which is described as a "cooperative program with Duke University" where students from both colleges can enroll in courses that are offered at the other school, per the UNC website.

It pretty much goes without saying that Lauren is a fan of UNC sports, specifically the school's basketball team, which counts Michael Jordan as one of its distinguished alumni. On Jan. 11, 2021, Lauren tweeted, "UNC vs Wake Forest basketball? no competition." That game isn't going down until Jan. 20, 2021, per the UNC basketball schedule. However, there could be more to it. She shared that post on Bachelor Monday of all days, and Matt James is a proud Wake Forest graduate. Could she be hinting that there's "no competition" this season on The Bachelor

Lauren Maddox is a 'brunch aficionado'

It's nearly impossible to find someone who actively dislikes brunch, but there are definitely some people who brunch harder than others. Lauren Maddox dubbed herself a "brunch aficionado" in her Twitter bio. She also mentioned that she's a "rosè enthusiast" — which goes perfectly with most brunches — and that she's a "Real Housewives fanatic." Lauren isn't much of a tweeter since she's only had the account since November 2020, but her Instagram is chock full of fun brunch content. She showed off her "post brunch glow" in one photo. In another Instagram post, she shared her drink of choice, writing, "I'll have a mimosa, hold the OJ." Relatable. She even declared that brunch is "the most important meal of the day." 

When she's not brunching or working (or looking for love on TV), she loves going to the beach, according to her cast bio. She and her friends are also a part of a book club. Her bio says that "Lauren is a Florida girl through and through," however, she's "terrified of lizards and frogs" that she may encounter from time to time. Aside from those reptiles, Lauren is an animal person. She has an adorable puppy named Jet

Lauren Maddox is looking for a man who wants kids

"Lauren has everything going for her, but now she wants someone to share in her many successes," Lauren Maddox's Bachelor bio boasts. Her ideal partner is a guy who is "genuine and authentic," which sure sounds like Matt James, so far, anyway. Lauren wants to be with a man that she believes "truly has her back in any situation thrown their way." Well, The Bachelor could certainly throw many tough situations their way, which could be a perfect way for Lauren to gauge if Matt is "the one" for her.

Looking past the roses, Lauren longs for "a family of her own one day," so she hopes that Matt Is "on the same page." She emphasized that "[n]ot wanting to have kids is a major deal breaker." When it comes down to it, Lauren is looking for a man that will be "her best friend." Could that be Matt? Only time will tell, but "Lauren James, Esq." does have a great ring to it.