90 Day Fiance: Why Stephanie Really Thinks Ryan Wants To Move To The U.S.

The saga of the May-December romance Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr continues on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé. In Episode 6, Ryan, a hospitality worker from Belize, says he hopes to move to the United States to be with his partner — but she has reservations about his motives, according to TV Insider.

This definitely marks a change in plans. Just recently, the spa owner and plastic surgery enthusiast was saying she planned to fly to Belize to join Ryan once the borders reopened, hoping that he would finally pop the question if she brought her mother's ring. Meanwhile, Stephanie's friends and family continue to doubt that things will pan out for the perennial bachelorette and her beau, whose wages she pays in secret.

As if this couple did not create enough drama on-screen, even while spending months apart, Stephanie said she is going to take legal action against TLC, claiming that the network manipulated her. Clearly, the distance is getting to these two... Stephanie, in particular. Let's take a look at why Stephanie is not too keen on the prospect of Ryan moving to the U.S.

Stephanie Davison doesn't trust Ryan Carr to stay loyal when she herself cheated on him

Early in Episode 6, Stephanie Davison cannot reach partner Ryan Car, calling him multiple times, per TV Insider. "There's only so much more we can take. We're hanging on by a thread right now, and that thread is going to break any f**king second."

Once she gets ahold of him, he announces his "sweet plan" for joining her in Michigan. Stephanie — who, let's not forget, cheated on Ryan with his cousin, Harris — grows suspicious, claiming Ryan's primary motive for relocating is to hook up with American women and that she will "call the embassy and cancel everything." He tells her to do so. She responds that, if they are going to break up, they need to do it in person — or they can wait it out, get together when they can, and give the relationship one last shot.

It does, indeed, seem like this couple is hanging on by a thread. And, considering Ryan does not even have a date to interview for his K-1 visa, which he needs to join Stephanie in the states, per TV Insider, it is getting more and more difficult to envision a happy ending for these two.