Wardrobe Mistakes That Made It Into The Movie

Not everything we see in movies is intentional. Take the famous scene in Star Wars: A New Hope where a Stormtrooper smacks his head on the door and carries on like he did not just smack his head on a door. Actor Laurie Goode, who played the clumsy Stormtrooper, told The Hollywood Reporter in 2017 that he assumed he "probably wasn't in frame" so he figured the moment would "end up on the cutting-room floor." Oh, how wrong he was. "But when I did see it in the cinema, I thought: 'OMG, that's me!'" Goode recalled to the outlet. 

Mistakes happen in movies, and one of the most common types of cinematic goofs? Costume-related mishaps. Every now and again, a little wardrobe mistake will pop up in a flick that even movie magic could not fix.

Hey, the people who create movies are only human, and to err is human. Here are just a few of the many wardrobe mistakes that were left in the movie.

Baby's very '80s denim shorts in 'Dirty Dancing'

Over the course of Dirty Dancing, we watch as Baby twists and twirls as she begins to come out of her shell. As the name suggests, dance is obviously a big part of the hit film. In one famous scene in particular, she practices by herself near the lake. While it seems innocent enough, Dirty Dancing is hiding a dirty little secret here about Baby's wardrobe: The denim shorts she wears are very 1980s.

Dirty Dancing, as you may recall, takes place in 1963. Of course, denim shorts were around in the early 1960s. But as for the relaxed, rolled up denim cutoffs Baby bops around in? They look like something from the mid-80s. And that is because they were from the mid-80s.

And what do you know, those shorts weren't even given to Baby by the wardrobe department. "The shorts in the movie were mine," actor Jennifer Grey told InStyle. "And I'm pretty sure they were Levi's because that's all I wore. I'm obsessed with Levi's and love how the brand keeps current but also stays true to the classics." And yet, these cutoffs weren't quite classics the year when Dirty Dancing took place.

Celebrating through the blunder in 'Teen Wolf'

Teen Wolf is a timeless horror comedy, an '80s classic beloved by many. Who can forget the ending, the iconic scene following the team's big win at the championship basketball game. However, the lead actors were way too busy celebrating to even notice the wardrobe mistake in the background. 

If you look closely, an extra is standing up on the bleachers with his fly undone. When he notices it and begins to try and zip it back up, the blasted thing is stuck. He then throws his shirt overtop of it, hoping no one will notice. The film editors sure didn't catch it, but a lot of people watching at home did. As The A.V. Club recalled, a rumor later began circulating that more than just the actor's whitey tighties were showing. While this seems less likely, as the area is as white as a pair of Hanes, we may just never know.

A cowboy in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

As the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song goes, "Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirate's life for me!" Yet, not everyone was on board — pun intended — to live a pirate's life while shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

When Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow joins his crew on the ship toward the end of the movie, a man can be spotted briefly in the background wearing a cowboy hat instead of a three cornered one. If that's not enough to make him look like a lone cowboy, he's seen wearing a white T-shirt too. Maybe the poor guy was trying to board his cruise? Somebody certainly got on the wrong ship. 

While this cowboy — who we assume may have been a crew member — wasn't a main character in the movie, he sure made headlines later on when we all noticed him. Sure, we don't know who he is, yet as Captain Jack Sparrow famously says in the first film in the franchise, "But you have heard of me."

Elizabeth's questionable shoes in 'Pride and Prejudice'

Is there anything more romantic than the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice? But hey, that doesn't mean it hasn't been subjected to critique. Even the most intense Jane Austen fans were pointing out everything that was inaccurate, including one detail involving Elizabeth's feet of all things.

Throughout the movie, actor Keira Knightley can be spotted running around in rubber boots. Funny enough, those "Wellies," as we now call them, weren't invented until an entire century after the time that the film takes place. Pride and Prejudice depicts life during the late 1700s. It was in 1813 when the Duke of Wellington became a style icon for developing a rubber boot called the Wellington boot, according to English Heritage.

In Knightley's defense, running around in the mud in anything but practical boots sounds like a slog. With those long dresses being a requirement for her character, it only makes sense she'd want to hide some Wellies under there.

Lando's strap switches sides in 'Return of the Jedi'

The Force is strong with Lando Calrissian's costume in Return of the Jedi. During one scene in the Rebel hangar, Lando and Han Solo walk as they discuss the Millennium Falcon. The camera goes back and forth between them as their conversation progresses, but during one cut, Lando's holster strap has completely switched sides on his body. Either he decided to quickly change it up while the camera was on Han, or this was just an unintentional, albeit noticeable error. 

That's not the only costume detail that suddenly changes. The placement of Lando's badge also switches up throughout the scene, too. Nobody behind the scenes seemed to notice the continuity error, and the iconic movie — and Lando's ever-changing outfit — was released to us all in 1983.

"We won't get another chance at this, Admiral," Lando even warns in the film, but he actually did get one more chance to play the character 36 years later — without any wardrobe mistakes — in The Rise of Skywalker.

'Raiders of the Lost Ark' has a character that looks lost

Indiana Jones has always taken us on an adventure. However, we weren't prepared for this one: Raiders of the Lost Ark has somebody running around in the background who looks like they missed the wardrobe memo.

While Indy is downing his drink during an emotional scene set in Cairo, Egypt, a man can be seen in the background on the left side of the screen wandering through the crowd in a white T-shirt and jeans, his hands casually in his pockets. Sure, tees and jeans existed the year the movie takes place, but the outfit still feels too modern for the 1930s. Were they short just one costume for that extra?

Oddly enough, four years later, Wrangler jeans aired an advertisement based on the Indiana Jones franchise. We think they must have been feeling inspired by this wardrobe mistake. "No matter what they're doing, Wrangler jeans look good anytime, anywhere," the commercial says, which would be a great motto for that lost extra.

Ben Affleck wears the wrong watch in 'Argo'

Chances are, if you wear a Rolex, you're a pretty rich person. It only makes sense then that anybody who's anybody would want to show it off if they owned one. That's exactly what Ben Affleck's character did in the dramatic movie Argo. However, his watch wasn't exactly telling us all the right time.

The movie is set during the Iran hostage crisis, and as the history books tell us, that took place between 1979 and 1981. In the flick, Affleck's character wears a watch released by Rolex until 2008, according to Swiss Watch Expo.

What's even stranger is that his character does not wear this watch throughout the entire movie. As Swiss Watch Expo pointed out, in some scenes, Affleck sports a watch that is true to the movie's era, but in other scenes, he is in the 2008 Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea. It's not a cheap switcheroo either: The Deepsea retails for roughly $13,000.

Even animated movies like 'Zootopia' have wardrobe mistakes

After Judy Hopps completes her first disappointing day on the police force, there's another hiccup shortly after. While you're watching Zootopia, this wardrobe mistake may have zoomed right past you too: It looks like Judy wears two different colored shirts while heating up her microwavable meal. 

After she shows up at home in her uniform, Judy decides to make dinner. As noted on the flick's IMDb page, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that in the scene where Judy watches her meal rotate around on the glass tray, she was in a pink T-shirt. It seems simple enough — we would be jumping into our pajamas too after a rough day of work — but when she grabs her meal out of the microwave, she is wearing something completely different. She is in her work uniform once again. Either she regretted putting on her pajamas during those 90 seconds in the microwave, or this was a minor goof that the movie editors completely missed. Whatever the case may be, Judy Hopps says it best in this inspirational animated film: "We all make mistakes."

Maximus' modern undergarments are seen in 'Gladiator'

Maximus has a bit of a scandalous moment in Gladiator. During an intense battle where tigers were involved, he falls to the ground and quickly flashes the camera. After all, what else can you expect when you're fighting in one of those exposing outfits? However, what we all see underneath his armor isn't appropriate for a gladiator. Russell Crowe's character is wearing black spandex shorts. They're perfect to work out in today, but not necessarily the popular choice back in 180 A.D.

According to Chemical & Engineering News, that material wasn't even invented until 1959. Even so, we completely understand why Crowe would throw on a pair under his suit; it seems like the Oscar winner was just trying to keep comfy. "If you're rolling around on the ground with gigantic sequences with hundreds of moves of choreography, you're dealing with horses and tigers and other things that can go wrong," he even told Variety. "Of course there's gonna be injuries." Injuries and wardrobe mishaps, that is.

As Maximus so famously says in the historical film, "What we do in life, echoes in eternity," and it's true. We will forever be able to see Maximus' undergarment every time we re-watch the movie.

Dorothy's ruby slippers disappear in 'The Wizard of Oz'

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy does everything she can to protect her ruby red slippers. At least, she's supposed to, anyway. "Keep tight inside of them," she's instructed by Glinda the Good Witch. "Their magic must be very powerful, or [the Wicked Witch of the West] wouldn't want them so badly." However, star Judy Garland must have been getting uncomfortable, because in one specific scene, she's seen not wearing the legendary kicks.

When Dorothy goes to pick an apple from a talking tree, one gets thrown at the Scarecrow. As he falls to the ground, the camera pans down too, and Dorothy is seen wearing a pair of black shoes instead. 

While she may not have wanted to wear those iconic slippers, some people would pay tons of money to be able to get their hands on 'em. In fact, one pair of shoes from the set sold for over half a million dollars in 2000, setting the Guinness World Record for most expensive shoes from a film sold at auction.

Sebastian's shirt almost messed up the movie musical 'La La Land'

Road rage can cause anybody to go crazy. After Ryan Gosling's Sebastian finishes sitting in a traffic jam at the start of Oscar-winning musical La La Land, viewers may have thought they were going crazy, too: He's seen wearing a completely different colored shirt once he gets out of his car and enters his apartment. First it's brown, and then it's blue. "I used to think this was going to be a huge problem," director Damien Chazelle shared in an audio commentary. "Because this scene used to be much later in the movie."

For a film that's all about its use of color, this was surprisingly something the director never even noticed until they sat down to put the scenes of the film together. Nonetheless, La La Land became the Oscar winner for Best Picture in 2017 — er, the world thought it was the winner for a few fleeting moments. As the movie's team dove into their thank you speeches, producer Jordan Horowitz revealed there was a mixup with the envelope: The Best Picture title actually belonged to Moonlight.

It really just goes to show that everybody makes mistakes!