Who Is Guy Tang And What Does He Do For A Living?

It's hard to say exactly what Bling Empire star Guy Tang does for a living only because he does so many different things. Netflix's new reality series focuses on the lives of Tang and some of his wealthiest friends, and in his case at least, it appears he works hard for the money.

Hair-care obsessives may have recognized Tang from his YouTube channel, which he used to educate colorists all over the world on how to achieve perfect rainbow-colored hair — and helped make bold, unnatural hair color popular in the process. He has also been called "the original King of Balayage." When asked where he gets his trend-setting inspiration, Tang told Allure, "You know, I don't follow trends...That's probably why."

Though he is a bonafide superstar in the beauty industry today, Tang says it wasn't an easy road, and it wasn't until he moved to LA from his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma that he was able to be himself.

"I believe in making a difference for this industry. It took me till I was in my 30s to really know myself and embrace who I am," he wrote in an emotional Instagram post in 2018. "Just know that if you ever feel outcasted that you are not alone. I am right here with ya and we can be unique together." While hair might be what he's best known for, it's hardly the only thing. 

Guy Tang does more than hair to make his living

Guy Tang also has his own line of hair color and styling products called MyIdentity. "I wanted to create a colour line that fills the void in our industry," he said in an interview with Concept Hair. "I created unique tones like Rose Gold, Silver Smoke and Dusty Lavender that have now become a colour staple and made other companies follow suit. Mydentity will always have a pulse to what's new and hot."

Clearly no stranger to the spotlight, Tang also streamed his own docuseries, Guy's World on his YouTube channel. While he may be best known as a beauty industry giant, Tang is also hard at work building up a successful career as a music artist. In fact, he recently dropped a new music video for his song "Gimme What I Want." Other gems include "Twilight" and "Midnight."

If there is a throughline when it comes to Tang's career(s), it's that he's always promoting a message of acceptance and love, which fans can see for themselves by searching his #HairBesties community and by tuning in to Bling Empire