The Truth About MyPillow Guy And Jane Krakowski's Romance

File this one under: This guy's story keeps getting weirder and weirder. Mike Lindell — a former crack addict who became the multi-millionaire creator and CEO of MyPillow and a vocal supporter of former president Donald Trump — was apparently in a secret relationship with actress Jane Krakowski, according to The Daily Mail.

Most recently, Lindell made headlines for claiming massive voter fraud in the recent presidential election that helped President Joe Biden take the win. He attacked Dominion Voting Systems, in particular, according to NBC News, which threatened legal action if he did not stop defaming the company. His product has since been dropped by Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, and Kohl's.

Now, news about this secret romance with the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress is raising eyebrows, especially since Lindell is a staunch conservative Republican and Krakowski, a Broadway icon, has often expressed liberal views, according to The Daily Mail. To find out what went on behind closed doors with this unlikely duo, keep reading.

Mike Lindell and Jane Krakowski reportedly became friends eight years ago

Reportedly, "MyPillow Guy" Mike Lindell met actress Jane Krakowski about eight years ago at a television studio, and they became friends, per The Daily Mail. That is, until 2020. He had reportedly plied the 30 Rock star with gifts for a year until they became romantically involved and secretly dated for nine months. One Daily Mail source said that their relationship was an "open secret" in New York City's West Village, where Krakowski lives. Lindell is based in Minnesota.

Apparently, the actress admired the entrepreneur for his rags-to-riches story and the fact that he overcame addiction. She thought Lindell, a father of four, would make a good role model for her own child, son Bennett.

However, it seems the romance between Krakowski and Lindell, which had its ups and downs, came to an end when she met another beau in the Hamptons and gave the MyPillow CEO the boot. Both parties denied knowing each other when asked by The Daily Mail. Will either party ever reveal the true details behind this mind-boggling rumor? Perhaps they need to sleep on it...