Who Is Gossip Girl Star Evan Mock?

The Gossip Girl reboot is Evan Mock's first IMDb credit, but the pink-haired star is far from unknown. Mock is a model and a skateboarder, and in January 2020, he was profiled in The New York Times. So while the HBO Max project is his first foray into acting, he's very used to the spotlight.

As the Times explained, Mock is originally from Hawaii, but now lives in New York City. He's modeled for Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, and plenty of other fashion brands. Mock has also appeared in a Frank Ocean music video and has created his own fashion label, Sorry in Advance. A New Yorker with a solid fashion background and the attention of A-list stars? Mock sounds perfect for the next generation of well-connected New Yorkers to grace the Met's steps in the new Gossip Girl iteration.

And when he's not modeling, designing, acting, surfing, swimming with sharks, or working on his photography skills, Mock is a skateboarder at heart. Head over to his Instagram, and you'll see plenty of photos and videos showing off his skateboarding talent. "Triple threat" may be an outdated term, at least when it comes to Mock — his abilities seem to be endless.

Evan Mock's appearance in the 'Gossip Girl' reboot feels like fate

Evan Mock describes himself as a "social butterfly," so it's only natural that acting would be his next gig. "I'm such a social butterfly that I want to see them, and I think it's just so much more turnt up when you can see the reactions on their faces," Mock said to HighSnobiety in 2019, referring to his love of FaceTime. In that interview, Mock also shared that he'd been taking acting lessons; his casting in Gossip Girl has been a long time coming.

"I want to have my hand in literally everything, and I pretty much want to be an octopus — every limb in a different world," Mock told HighSnobiety at the time. "I think through social media, through how accessible everything is, it's definitely become a little easier for that to happen because I think it's easy for people in any part of the world to see what you're doing."

That last statement seems oddly prescient for someone who's gone on to star in a show all about people's lives being chronicled online. And Instagram didn't exist when the original show started, so there's a lot the reboot can do with social media that wasn't in Gossip Girl's original run. Whatever twists the reboot takes, we're here for it, and so is Mock.