Why Bling Empire's Cherie Chan Gave Up Her Music Career

Unlike some of her co-stars, Cherie Chan did not get into any drama with the other cast members on Bling Empire Season 1. Instead, Netflix subscribers got to see a lot about her family life with Jessey Lee and how Cherie was coping with her mother's death, as per Screen Rant. At the start of the season, Cherie was pregnant with her second child. Fans got to see Cherie go into labor and welcome her son Jevon to the world. Cherie and Jessey's daughter Jadore kept calling Jevon "Po Po," which Cherie said was a term of endearment that Jadore used to refer to Cherie's mom. 

Jadore's insistence that Jevon was "Po Po," along with a reading from Hollywood medium Tyler Henry, had Cherie convinced that her son was her mother reincarnated (via The Tab). That revelation seemed to be comforting to Cherie, which is not surprising at all since Cherie spent most of Bling Empire Season 1 discussing her grief and trying to find her new normal following her mother's death. While Cherie's family life was definitely at the center of her storyline, she and her co-star Kane Lim shared some very interesting tidbits about her life that weren't front and center, but maybe will be if there's a Season 2. For starters, Cherie is an "heiress to a huge denim empire" and she was set to become a major pop star — until she changed her mind, that is.

Cherie Chan could have been a pop star

During episode two of Bling Empire, Kane Lim remarked, "So, Cherie, apparently, was going to be a huge pop star in Japan and like she lived there for two years" during one of his confessional interviews. Cherie Chan said, "I was signed to the Sony Music label" which came with a luxurious life. Cherie claimed, "I was pampered. Every day they took care of me. I ate really well. I lived in a loft that like overlooked Mount Fuji."

However, that didn't last, with Cherie divulging, "I had a great time, but my mom, like any typical, you know, Asian parent, she wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer. She didn't want me to pursue music. She didn't want any of that." And considering how close Cherie is to her mother, even after her death, it's only fitting that she respected her mother's wishes to forgo the pop star life. She didn't even seem bitter about it on the series, instead keeping her focus on her growing family. However, anyone who scrolls way back on Cherie's Instagram can see her in action back in the day. 

In January 2013, she posted a selfie from the recording studio, sharing that she's "just doing my thing." The next month, she said she was in "back to back meetings," which is a far cry from the Bling Empire-era Cherie. Maybe she will merge both worlds and return to music for Season 2?