Bling Empire: The Truth About Kelly Mi Li And Andrew Gray's Relationship

Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray's tumultuous romance stole the show on Netflix's Bling Empire, which premiered in January 2021. Although they started the show in a relationship, the season ended with the partners deciding to go their separate ways. 

To recap, things went left between the film producer and actor during their trip to Paris in 2018, Hollywood Life reported. Andrew became upset with Kelly after she left him behind at the hotel to go shopping with fellow cast member Anna Shay. While out, Andrew called his girlfriend to fight with her over the phone. The argument caused Kelly to second guess the romance, especially since it wasn't the first time she noticed that type of behavior in Andrew. The couple decided to call it quits, with the two deciding to no longer live together. Although they hooked up after the split, the show ended with the couple still being broken up.

After a successful premiere season, Netflix followed up with Bling Empire: Where Are They Now special where Kelly and Andrew revealed their reconciliation. "We are together today — stronger, happier than we ever have been," Andrew shared in the cast video. So, how did the pair work out their visible differences? Keep on reading for the answer.

How Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray got through their 'dark period'

During the special, Kelly Mi Li revealed that it took "a good five-month or six-month break" for her and Andrew Gray to work on their own personal issues before coming back together. "I feel like I've grown a lot," Andrew, who began dating Kelly in late 2015, said of his time in therapy. "I've been able to resolve so many issues that I didn't even know were still open, like a wound." The change came after a pretty embarrassing portrayal on the debut season of Bling Empire. "[Fans] saw a really dark period of our relationship," Kelly admitted. "With Andrew's behavior, I don't excuse it at all. I think it's 100 percent wrong." 

When speaking with Us Weekly, the entrepreneur explained how going to individual therapy helped her and Andrew reconcile. "We are doing really well," Kelly shared. "It's still a journey just because at the end of day, mental health is so important. It's something that we don't really talk about very, very regularly." She explained how "conditioned" she and Andrew were in some of their bad habits. "He's been the way he is for 30-plus years, and same thing with me," she confessed. "So we're just basically finding the ways to rewire our brain, rewire the way we look at things and the way we react to things. We have to work on it every day." 

We're sure fans will tune in to Season 2 to judge their progress for themselves... stay tuned!