Cindy Tran: The Truth About Bling Empire Star Cherie Chan's Mom

Netflix's Bling Empire took the internet by storm after its release in January 2021. Who doesn't love to live vicariously through the rich on reality TV? Bling Empire's pilot season follows the lavish lives of Asian and Asian-American millionaires in Los Angeles. Aside from the affluent lifestyles and Real Housewives-esque drama, viewers couldn't help but notice a solemn moment on the show. At the end of episode six, a message read, "In Memory of Cindy Tran 1960-2019."

Cindy Tran is the mother of cast member Cherie Chan. Cherie's story arc on Bling Empire's first season focuses on expanding her family with longtime boyfriend Jessey Lee and their two children. Additionally, in episode six, Cherie mourns the loss of her mother and discusses her lack of closure. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the late Cindy Tran.

Cindy Tran died when Bling Empire began filming in 2019

What makes Bling Empire different from previous lavish lifestyle reality shows is the emotional disconnect from money and other materialistic items. Episode six of the show's pilot season shows viewers that money truly can't buy happiness nor evade pain, which is integral to being human.

In the series, Cherie Chan spoke about her late mother Cindy Tran and their tight-knit relationship. Frequently trusting her mother's advice, Cherie recalls signing a deal with Sony Records to be a pop star in Japan, but her mom shifted her to a more stable life. As a result, Cherie started her own line of organic tequila called Religion Tequila, per Tatler. According to Cherie, her relationship with her mom was close up until Cindy's death. Their bond is easy to see by taking a look at Cindy's Instagram profile, which contains photos of Cherie and memories from their international spa trips.

Cindy died when the series first began filming in 2019 at the age of 59, per The Tab. In episode six, Cherie tells a psychic that her mother was so sick she had to stay in the hospital until she died. The medium responded that she would see signs of her mother through her daughter Jadore. Additionally in Cherie's heart-wrenching storyline, her friends Kane Lim and Kevin Kreider prayed with her and performed a Buddhist ritual at her home.

Overall, Bling Empire takes a humanized approach to its rich and wealthy cast, and we can't seem to stop watching.