Bling Empire: Inside Cherie Chan And Jessey Lee's Relationship

Bling Empire is Netflix's newest rich people reality TV show and it's a huge hit. The show is made up of an all-Asian cast and features some truly interesting characters, all of which are no stranger to the finer things in life.

The show also has no shortage of lavish parties, high fashion, and all the glitz and glamour that comes with being some of society's most elite members. Amidst all the over-the-top lifestyles, though, is Cherie Chan, a mother of two and an heiress to an "undisclosed denim empire" (per Bustle). Cherie definitely still lives the good life, but in comparison to some of the other characters, her priorities are very different. Instead of partying, Cherie mainly focuses on parenting her children, Jevon and Jadore, with her boyfriend Jessey Lee. Despite having two kids together, the couple is not married yet, which is often a topic of conversation on the show as it breaks cultural expectations for both Eastern cultures and American.

Keep reading to learn more about this couple and their unique relationship after the jump.

Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee are still not married

Bling Empire stars Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee have an unconventional relationship, to say the least. Together, they have a daughter, Jadore, and a son, Jevon, whose birth was captured on the show. However, Cherie and Jessey are not married, something that was often discussed on the show as being taboo.

Cherie is a former pop star and an heiress to a denim empire, while Jessey owns a furniture empire, per Bustle. So, it's safe to say the two could definitely afford to have the wedding of their dreams, but it seems Jessey is a little slow when it comes to taking initiative. This was never more evident than when Cherie took the reins and proposed to Jessey herself during the season finale, which Jessey happily accepted.

Since the show was filmed back in 2019, fans are dying to know if the couple has officially tied the knot and based on their social media activity, they are still engaged, but wedding bells have yet to ring for this couple. Jessey told The Wrap that he is actually still planning to propose to Cherie himself, but that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is making his ideal proposal difficult. "I really want to do something special," he noted. "Definitely with COVID and the lockdown, it makes it very difficult what I have envisioned."

Hopefully Cherie can get the proposal she deserves soon, and fans, of course will continue looking forward to what they can only assume will be an incredibly fabulous wedding in typical Cherie style.