90 Day Fiance: The Real Reason Ryan Won't Propose To Stephanie

It's the moment 90 Day Fiance fans have been waiting for: On Episode 8 of Season 8, Stephanie Davison and her much younger partner, Ryan Carr, reunite in his native Belize after months of being apart. This is the first time viewers have seen the couple physically together all season.

Their relationship has been quite rocky, even nearing a breaking point, over issues of infidelity, money, and distance. So this reunion was sure to be very telling. Can they really blame the distance for their problems anymore now that they're together?

Despite their ups and downs, Stephanie, an entrepreneur from Michigan who's 25 years older than her hospitality worker beau, has been waiting all season for Ryan to officially pop the question (even though they already call each other "fiance"). She even brought her mother's wedding rings with her to Belize so he could do so. But Ryan says it isn't the right time for a proposal. Why exactly? Keep reading.

Ryan wants to propose to Stephanie, he says, but he has something to prove first

Although complications from the pandemic had been preventing Stephanie Davison from traveling to Belize all season, she's inexplicably able to do so in Episode 8. Ryan Carr greets her at the airport with balloons and flowers, and she quickly showers him with gifts once she begins to unpack, per TV Insider.

When they go out to dinner, Stephanie brings up the topic of marriage, giving Ryan her mother's wedding rings in hopes that he will propose. However, since Ryan has entertained other women behind Stephanie's back, he says he wants to put in the work to regain her trust before he pops the question. He assures her that, despite all the obstacles, he will make it to America so they can start a life together.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is feeling guilty about sleeping with Ryan's cousin Harris — a fact that she hasn't revealed to Ryan yet. In the preview for the next episode, however, she finally spills the beans. How will Ryan take the news? Stay tuned.