Why Patrick Mahomes And His Fiancee Are Sleeping In Separate Rooms

NFL Champion Patrick Mahomes has had a long history with his fiancee Brittany Matthews, but we're pretty sure neither of them expected to be sleeping in separate rooms during their first pregnancy. After receiving his Super Bowl ring for his win at Super Bowl LIV, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback celebrated the feat by giving a special ring to his longtime girlfriend. Mahomes proposed to Matthews in September 2020, Sporting News reported.

"He put so much thought into this special day & Im just still in awe of how perfect it was," Matthews captioned a photo slide of their proposal day. "Love you forever," she added. A few weeks later, they followed up the proposal by announcing their first pregnancy on Instagram.

The couple has been together since 10th grade, making them high-school sweethearts. After graduation, they maintained a long-distance romance with Mahomes attending Texas Tech and Matthews playing soccer at the University of Texas at Tyler. After being drafted to the Chiefs at the 2017 NFL Draft, Mahomes relocated to Kansas City while Matthews moved to Iceland to play professional soccer. The separation they endured in the early days of their relationship might've prepared them for the social distancing they were forced into in 2020.

How COVID-19 impacted Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews' living situation

After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the New England Patriots in October 2020, Patrick Mahomes showed Patriots defensive back Stephon Gilmore some good sportsmanship by giving him a high-five after the game, Today reported. But when Gilmore tested positive for COVID-19 a few days later, Mahomes was forced to self isolate away from his pregnant fiancee Brittany Matthews.

"Obviously knowing that I went up to him after the game and just gave him a high five like I've done my whole career and not thinking about it was a little bit of a mental lapse," Mahomes said at a Chiefs press conference. The move led to concern from Matthews after learning of the close contact Mahomes had with Gilmore and Chiefs' practice squad quarterback Jordan Ta'amu, who also tested positive. 

"When I went home over the weekend, I slept in a different bedroom and stayed away from her as much as possible," Mahomes revealed. "I just try to do my part to kind of keep myself away from her and social distance whenever stuff like this arises." Of course, protecting his fiancee was important to him. "Obviously with Brittany being pregnant I try to do whatever I can to social distance and stay away to be available to the team," he shared. "But even more part for me just kind of stay and keep my family safe."

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews' detour to the wedding

It has to be tough not being able to sleep next to your pregnant fiancee, but it's nothing Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes can't handle. However, we imagine it's a bit of a bummer for the dad-to-be who's been excited for the baby and wants to spend time with fiancee Brittany Matthews.

Shortly after Matthews announced her engagement to Mahomes, the personal trainer returned to social media to share that the couple were expecting their first child together. "Mom & Dad, taking a small detour to the wedding❤️," she captioned a pair of photos that showed her holding a photo of a sonogram while the Kansas City Chiefs player held her belly. The former soccer player had a memorable 25th birthday month after getting proposed to on the day after her birthday and Mahomes' Super Bowl Ring ceremony, and then making a baby announcement a few weeks later, as noted by People.

Patrick Mahomes' healthy family of five

In October, Brittany Matthews shared that the athletic couple are anxiously awaiting a baby girl. "Can't wait to be a family of 5💕 #babygirl," she captioned a happy photo with Patrick Mahomes that showed the two smiling from ear-to-ear with their two dogs. By December, Matthews shared her pregnancy workout journey to her Instagram followers following her and Mahomes COVID scare. "One of the most important things I have taken from pregnancy is, GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE!!!" she captioned a post of four videos showing off her leg and shoulder routine. "Understand your body is changing, you're growing a whole human inside of you, so do not be so hard on yourself!" It's clear that physical health is something that's taken seriously in the Matthews-Mahomes household.

Later that month, Mahomes expressed his excitement to win another Super Bowl and celebrate the feat with his wife and newborn daughter. "Hopefully right after the Super Bowl I'm able to bring a little girl into this world and get to become a dad in the off season and get to see that process as well," Mahomes told Kansas City's 610 Sports Radio show The Drive. After an eventful 2020, Mahomes and Matthews are gearing up for an even bigger 2021.