Why Kate Middleton Might Be More Relatable Than You Think

You might not think you have a whole lot in common with Kate Middleton, who is, after all, a literal duchess married to the Prince of Wales and in line to be the queen of England. But a video posted to the Royal Family's YouTube channel has some fans of the monarchy thinking the duchess and mom of three isn't so different from the rest of us after all.

The video shows Kate on a Zoom call with some of the other parents at her children's school, as well as the head teacher. The royal discussed her struggles with homeschooling, parenting during lockdown, and general wellness during the pandemic (she gives herself low marks for math and hairdressing ability). At one point, she even hinted that she's been obsessed with the same Netflix romance series as the rest of the world. Or at least, she hinted that she's heard about all the fuss. Keep scrolling to see what Kate shared.

Kate Middleton laughed about a popular Netflix show

In a Zoom chat about parenting during the pandemic with other parents from her children's school, the Duchess of Cambridge indicated she might not be so different from common folk after all. When asked who has been the greatest support to her during the pandemic, Kate answered "William" (aw). Us Weekly reported that this reply prompted the questioner to make a quip about Bridgerton, the steamy regency-era romance series on Netflix: "Lovely to hear. We don't want it to be Bridgerton or something like that, do we?" This moment seems to have been cut from the clip on the Royal Family YouTube channel.

The duchess reportedly laughed along with the rest of the parents on the call, but did she laugh just a little too hard? Does this mean Kate has been marathoning Bridgerton during lockdown just like everyone else has? Maybe!

Whether or not the royal mom has been indulging in the historical romance series, she definitely shares some of the other struggles of pandemic life. When asked to share some of her lockdown parenting tips, she joked that she's become a hairdresser "much to my children's horror," and said that just like so many others she's feeling "exhausted." No one's life is perfect — not even royalty.