Super-Rich Celebrity Sisters And What They're Worth

Would you consider yourself to be doing well when it comes to financial matters? Perhaps you even think of yourself as rich (lucky you!). However, if you're not an only child, can the same be said about how your brothers and sisters bring in and manage their money? While not every family is comfortable being open about their finances, you may have wondered from time to time if you happen to make more or less than your sibling(s). You might also be curious about who's better at saving what they've earned and who's more likely to spend their funds as soon as a paycheck lands in the bank. Don't worry, you're not (too?) nosy! It's hard to imagine anyone not being interested in the fortunes of others. That includes famous figures that have the kind of funds that most of us could never imagine ever having.

While stars tend to exist on a whole other level when it comes to the kind of money they see, they're surely also curious about who has what in the ol' checking account. Well, we can answer that for them and you: There are plenty of celebrity siblings who have a lot — like an OMG how is that even possible?! amount — of money. And although some of their fortunes are relatively comparable, there are others with major differences in what they're banking. Sure, when it comes to the people featured on this list, they are all pretty darn rich. But which pair of sisters do you think are the richest?

Kate and Rooney Mara are actors and 'football royalty'

If you've seen shows like House of Cards, 24, or American Horror Story: Murder House, then you've seen Kate Mara in action. Thanks to those kinds of impressive (and likely high-paying) gigs, she's banked a $14 million fortune, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, along with being an actor, Kate "hails from football royalty," per ESPN. That's because, as the outlet points out, "[h]er great-grandfather on her father's side is Timothy Mara, founder of the New York Giants," while "[h]er great-grandfather on her mother's side is Art Rooney, founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers."

Kate is also the sister of actor Rooney Mara, who starred in 2011's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, 2015's Carol, and 2018's Mary Magdalene. On top of that, Vogue notes that she's made a "foray into fashion with a vegan line of clothing and accessories." All together, that's surely why she has $16 million. However, she still has a bit of an issue when it comes to her relationship with money. "What bothers me about the whole trust-fund thing is that it sort of presumes that everything is handed to you," she told Vogue. Yet she asserted that the "one thing" about her family that she "identif[ies] with, it is that everyone is extremely hardworking."

That work ethic has helped Kate and Rooney amass a combined fortune of $30 million. And that's not even factoring in what they might inherit one day if their rich relatives leave behind an inheritance.

Nicole and Sofia Richie both launched lucrative careers

There's a good chance that you got to know Nicole Richie on The Simple Life, but the daughter of Lionel Richie has done plenty since then. In 2005 she released a novel called The Truth About Diamonds, followed by 2010's Priceless. Beyond that, in 2008, Nicole launched House of Harlow 1960, a jewelry brand that went on to include clothing, accessories, footwear, eyewear, and fragrances. She's also appeared as a mentor on Fashion Star and starred in mockumentary series Candidly Nicole. While talking to Digital Spy about her work — which has made her an impressive $25 million, per Celebrity Net Worth — she explained, "It is important not to copy other people's careers but kind of set the tone of who you want to be and my father's always encouraged me to do that."

And as for Nicole's sister? As her profile on the MN2S website notes, Sofia Richie has been modeling since she was 14 and has popped up in publications like Teen Vogue, Elle Girl, and Nylon while also walking the runway for brands like Chanel, Yeezy, and Dolce & Gabbana. Sofia also partnered with Frankie's Bikinis for a swimwear line, launched "a clothing line for UK-based store Missguided called Sofia Richie x Missguided," and "has partnered with clothing brand Lulus, Suspicious Antwerp clothes, Nip + Fab skincare, and Cheetos" for social media work, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That's why the younger Richie's fortune sits at an enviable $8 million.

Poppy and Cara Delevingne are more than money-making models

Mainly recognized for her modeling career, Poppy Delevingne has been "featured in campaigns for the likes of Burberry and Louis Vuitton," while also being "a brand ambassador for Chanel," according to Vogue. Poppy also shows off her acting skills with roles in 2017's Kingsman: The Golden Circle and on series like Riviera and Genius. Thanks to her success, she has $21 million, according to Idol Net Worth, which is just a few million less than her sister, Cara Delevingne.

Just like her famous sibling, Cara is a model who has worked with top brands like Victoria's Secret, Burberry, and Chanel. You've likely also spotted her on the cover of Vogue and in ad campaigns with Dior. That's why it's understandable that, according to Forbes, she "was the fifth highest-paid model in the world in 2018, making an estimated $10 million." While Cara could certainly live off of what she makes from modeling, she's also landed roles in 2016's Suicide Squad and on Carnival Row with Orlando Bloom. Even so, she did admit to WSJ Magazine, "I don't want to be that cliché: model-slash-actress." Maybe that's why she's also the co-owner and creative advisor of "a woman-led sexual wellness and technology company," per W, and has added music to her résumé. After she worked with musician Pharrell Williams, he told WSJ Magazine he considers her to be "a pluralist" who "is ambitious about many things." That ambition has led to a $28 million fortune, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Kate and Pippa Middleton are royally rich

Kate Middleton cemented her place as a public figure in 2011 when she married Prince William, which is why some people might assume that being a royal is how she earns her money. However, "most" of Kate's fortune — which sits at $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth — "stems from Party Pieces, an online party supplies business started by her parents" and "is estimated to be worth around ... $50 million, thanks in no small part to the exposure it gets from being associated with the royals," Business Insider points out. Indeed, the famous "Kate Effect" has given plenty of companies a boost. Founder and Managing Director of Reiss, David Reiss, told Marie Claire, "There is no question that Kate choosing to wear Reiss has impacted our brand."

Although Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, studied literature at the University of Edinburgh and has contributed to a number of publications and was also "named contributing editor of Vanity Fair in 2013," according to the Daily Mail. Beyond that, the outlet notes "the majority" of Pippa's $1 million fortune "derives from the £400,000 [almost $550,000 U.S.] advance [she] was paid for her 2012 book, Celebrate." And while Kate is married to a future king, the Evening Standard points out that Pippa married billionaire James Matthews, a former race car driver who now "manages a hedge fund and is chief executive of Eden Rock Capital Management Group," meaning that he's surely contributing a nice chunk to their combined fortune.

Bella and Gigi Hadid's fortunes are as close as they are

Bella and Gigi Hadid have a famously close relationship that just so happens to be a close as their fortunes. While Bella has $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Gigi has $29 million. And how did they bank that kind of cash?

Well, Bella is best known for her impressive modeling career, which involves representation from IMG Models. As her profile on the agency's site notes, she's landed "contracts with Dior Cosmetics, Calvin Klein, and Bulgari." That kind of work brings in big bucks, which is why The Daily Telegraph reported that at Fashion Week in 2017, Bella was hired to "strut her stuff on the catwalk for Sydney brand Misha Collective" and earned "a reported $400,000 at the brand's expense along the way." 

Older sister Gigi is also a staple in the modeling industry, where she is also represented by IMG Models and has appeared in top-tier magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. If that sounds impressive, consider the fact that, according to Celebrity Net Worth, she happens to be "making $9-10 million per year thanks to contracts with companies with Maybelline, Evian, BMW, Versace and Tommy Hilfiger." She is also an entrepreneur and has a line of Gigi Boots with Stuart Weitzman as well as an outdoor activewear line with Reebok. According to Elle, Gigi addressed her approach to success — "Be nice, work hard, make a friend" — saying, "It's really about making opportunities for yourself and connecting with people on a more-than-normal level. That opens doors."

Ashlee Simpson's fortune isn't close to what Jessica's banking

Jessica Simpson may have first made a name for herself as a pop star in the '90s, but she's also done work on screen in both the acting and reality TV realm, and is the famous name behind a "fashion line [that] hauls in about $1 billion in annual sales," according to The Business of Fashion. That's not to mention the fact that she signed a reportedly extremely lucrative deal to be a Weight Watchers spokesperson. Oh, and she has dabbled in writing, with The New Yorker noting that her memoir, Open Book, shot to the top of the The New York Times best-seller list. According to The Washington Post, "Simpson readily admits, 'Fame and money are great distractions.'"

Younger sister, Ashlee Simpson, followed in Jessica's footsteps and also carved out a decent career that involves both music and work onscreen. For staters, in 2018, Ashlee and her husband, Evan Ross, starred in their very own E! reality series. Before that, she had a recurring role on Melrose Place. She and Ross released a six-song EP called Ashlee+Evan. The couple also "[engage] in entrepreneurial brand partnerships," according to InStyle, "like her clothing line with Zadig & Voltaire and her ... collaboration with youth makeup brand Petite 'n Pretty."

While Ashlee can boast about the fact that her various endeavors have helped her earn an $11 million fortune, according to Celebrity Net Worth, that's nothing compared to Jessica's $200 million.

Venus and Serena Williams score big both on and off the tennis court

If you're a sports fan, then you surely admire what the Williams sisters have accomplished. That's because Venus Williams has won seven Grand Slam titles, five Wimbledon tournaments, and two U.S. Open trophies. But she also slays off the court with a clothing line, deemed EleVen, as well as endorsements with brands like "Wilson, Electronic Arts, Kraft, Ralph Lauren, and Tide," according to Forbes. That's why she has a whopping $95 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. There's also the fact that she, as Forbes noted, "owns a small interest in the Miami Dolphins with sister Serena [Williams]."

Speaking of Serena, she's enjoyed a tennis career that includes winning 23 Grand Slams, seven Wimbledon Championships, and six dominating performances at the U.S. Open. According to Forbes, she "has more than a dozen corporate partners, and her $94 million in career prize money is twice as much as any other female athlete." However, according to CNBC, she explained, I just played for the love of the sport. I've never played for money. Not once did I think about a check." Now, that doesn't mean that she hasn't ventured into other money-making arenas. As Forbes noted, Serena launched a self-funded, direct-to-consumer clothing line, S, in 2018 while also "own[ing] stakes in the ... UFC," and running Serena Ventures, which "invests in companies that embrace diverse leadership, individual empowerment, creativity and opportunity." With all of that going on, Serena has managed to earn a staggering $210 million.

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton Rothschild went from heirs to entrepreneurs

Paris Hilton has always been around money thanks to the fact that she's the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton and "is one of multiple heirs to the Hilton hotel fortune," according to Biography. However, she started making serious cash for herself when she starred on The Simple Life. That wasn't long after her sex-tape had been released without her permission, which eventually nabbed her over $400,000 when Rick Salomon (the man who appeared in, then sold the tape) and Red Light District Video paid her following a legal battle, per The Daily News (via People). Paris has also tested out her acting skills, released music, models, was "paid to party," and, per Refinery 29, has a "perfume empire" that "is worth an estimated $1.5 billion." While that money doesn't go directly to Paris, The Mirror notes that she explained, "My goal ... was to make a billion dollars, but now, all I really care about is being happy, my love, my relationship, and the future." That being said, she does have $300 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

While Nicky Hilton Rothchild only has a fraction of her sister's fortune, with $50 million, she can still be proud of the fact that she has a successful shoe line and released a book called 365 Style. Granted, as Nicky writes on her site, "No amount of money can buy you style. You don't need a huge bank account — you need originality, imagination, confidence... and my book!"

Solange Knowles makes a fraction of what Beyoncé brings in

Solange Knowles may very well be the sister of one of the biggest superstars in the world, but the younger sibling has carved out her own career in the music business by releasing four solo albums. She's also lent her voice to Baby Jamz which "provide parents with hip-hop-inspired toys and music for preschoolers and babies," according to People. Solange also uses her stunning looks to become a model for Calvin Klein. And with all of that going on, Celebrity Net Worth lists her net worth at $9 million.

Then there's Beyoncé Knowles. The older sister's fame obviously kicked off when she was with the three-time Grammy Award-winning Destiny's Child. However, she's gone on to enjoy a super-successful solo career that has landed her 21 more Grammys as of writing. And when it comes how much money Beyoncé can bring in, Forbes reported that her "On The Run II stadium tour with husband Jay-Z grossed roughly $5 million per night, pulling in a total of more than $250 million." She also has a clothing line collaboration with Adidas called Ivy Park, has earned paydays with roles in Austin Powers in Goldmember, Dreamgirls, and The Lion King remake, and inked a "three-project deal" with Netflix that was "worth a whopping $60 million," according to Variety. Beyoncé herself told Elle, "The more I mature, the more I understand my value." In monetary terms, her value is a massive $500 million fortune.

Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen are all wealthy

Elizabeth Olsen has proven that she's got what it takes to be an A-list actor thanks to roles like her critically acclaimed performance in 2011's Martha Marcy May Marlene. She also earned countless fans when she landed the part of Wanda Maximoff (a.k.a. Scarlet Witch) in the Marvel Avengers movies not to mention her own series, WandaVision. As Elizabeth's star continues to rise, so does her fortune, which is why she already has $11 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, while Elizabeth is the one taking on Hollywood these days, her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, were once two of the most famous child stars around.

The older Olsens started working when they were still babies and appeared as Michelle Tanner on Full House. According to People (via The Washington Post), Mary-Kate and Ashley were only bringing in a couple grand an episode when the show started. Of course, that all changed. Mary-Kate and Ashley then went on to star in a string of movies before leaving acting behind and shifting to fashion, founding various clothing brands, including Elizabeth and James, The Row, Olsenboye, and AMKxSM. As if that wasn't enough, Mary-Kate also released a book in 2008 called Influence, they have a beauty line deemed Mary-Kate and Ashley, and Forbes notes that their "Dualstar Entertainment Group, established in 1993, it sells $1 billion worth of merchandise worldwide a year — everything from videos to hair-care products." That's why both Mary-Kate and Ashley have $250 million to their names.

The Kardashian-Jenners are next-level rich

The Kardashian-Jenners are done with Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but their bank accounts are anything but over. For one thing, in 2017, the family inked a five-season deal with E! that, according to TMZ, earned them $150 million. Oh, and the show's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how these sisters make money.

Kourtney Kardashian also runs a lifestyle brand called Poosh and, per Us Weekly, "can rack up $250,000 for sharing branded snaps" via social media. That's why she has $45 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That's the same amount that Kendall Jenner has, thanks to KUWTK as well as her modeling career. It doesn't hurt that she became the highest-paid model in June 2018 when she "banked $22.5 million in the 12 months prior," according to Forbes. Khloé Kardashian has $50 million in part due to her Good American clothing line and sponsored Instagram posts. 

And then there are the richest sisters (by far!): Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Kylie made bank by selling just over half of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin to Coty, and while she was declared a billionaire before Forbes went on to dispute that status, she does have $700 million. As for Kim Kardashian? It looks like she's the sister with the most money, which she's made from TV, KKW Beauty, Skims, and countless other endeavors. Her net worth sits at a comfortable $900 million.

That means, in total, these siblings have $1.74 billion, making them the richest celebrity sisters around.