The Song In The E-Trade Super Bowl Commercial Explained

Finance company E-Trade has been absent from the Super Bowl commercial scene for two years, but now it's back, according to CNBC. E-Trade's managing director of marketing and digital, Alice Milligan, shared that the company researched their customers to find out what they wanted to see in a Super Bowl commercial, particularly during these unprecedented times resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Milligan revealed, "One resounding thing we heard from investors and from customers and prospects is that they really want to feel in control of their lives and their finances, and many of us have felt quite a bit out of control for a long time."

The company is best known for the Super Bowl commercials featuring babies lip-syncing while an adult voice talks about investments. E-Trade is through with the baby gimmick, but their 2021 commercial does feature a young kid. Milligan declared, "It's time for people to start to feel a little bit better and start to feel in control," a sentiment that applies to health/fitness in addition to finances. Like many people during the pandemic, the boy makes his best attempts to complete an at-home workout with some bicycle kicks. However, that's not the entire ad. The whole commercial will run during the big game. As the kid kicks, the words "kick your finances into shape" appear on the screen one at a time.

Oh, and did we mentioned the very familiar motivational song blaring in the background? Here's where you've heard the tune before.

E-Trade's commercial song is from an iconic movie

E-Trade's 2021 Super Bowl commercial touches on difficulties related to the coronavirus pandemic, as the 15-second teaser features its young star working out from home (relatable, no?). But ultimately, E-Trade's goal is to encourage people to "regain control of their finances," and the fitness theme is an arguably great metaphor for their message. Plus, the encouraging music certainly helps "to nudge consumers to get off the bench and take charge of their investing lives with E-Trade," as E-Trade's Alice Milligan explained.

As the commercial's star exerts himself to complete some short exercises, the words "You're the best, nothing's gonna ever keep you down" play in the background. For many, the song is very familiar since it was featured in the movie The Karate Kid. Joe "Bean" Esposito sings the track "You're the Best," which is both catchy and encouraging to anyone who wants to "kick [their] finances into shape." Game on!