How Russell Brand Feels About Katy Perry Today

It has been almost a decade since Russell Brand and Katy Perry finalized their divorce in 2012, per the Daily Mail, and the comedian/actor is now reflecting on his romance with the "Prism" singer. 

But first, let's backtrack. Brand and Perry were introduced at the 2008 VMAs when he asked Perry to shoot a celebrity cameo for his 2010 comedy, Get Him to the Greek, according to MTV. Perry's appearance got cut, as she revealed during a 2010 MTV interview, prompting the star to joke, "I was like [to Brand], 'I'm sleeping with you, and you're not gonna put me in the movie?'" Three months after officially stepping out as a couple at Paris Fashion Week in 2009, MTV noted, Brand proposed to Perry during a vacation in India. The relationship was, as Perry herself told Australian 60 Minutes in August 2020 (via the Daily Mail), "a tornado" in which "everything happened at once." Sure enough, the pair were married less than one year later, on Oct. 23, 2010.

Trouble in paradise seemed a-brewing in November 2011 when HollyScoop (via MTV) asked the "Roar" singer if little Brand-Perry spawns were in the works. Perry answered with an emphatic "Hell no!," despite telling The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier that month children were a possibility. With Perry now engaged since 2019 to Orlando Bloom and Brand himself remarried to Laura Gallacher, the funnyman revealed his true feelings about Perry in a February 2021 TikTok series.

Russell Brand still has warm feelings for Katy Perry

In the February 2021 LearnOnTikTok LIVEs educational entertainment series, Russell Brand told inquiring fans he harbored "only positive feelings" toward ex-wife Katy Perry, reported the Daily Mail. He added that he "really tried" his hardest to save their 14-month-old marriage. Per a March 2020 Daily Mail articlejust two days after his 2012 finalization of his divorce, Brand told radio host Howard Stern that he was "really, really in love with [Perry]." However, he said it had become painful post-breakup to see one another. He explained that their relationship "mostly didn't work for practical reasons." 

During the special 2021 TikTok talk, Brand, a vocal advocate for mental health, also shared coping strategies with the feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety felt by many during the coronavirus-induced lockdowns, insisting to fans that they "are not alone in how you're feeling."

For her part, Perry has been less complimentary toward Brand since their 2011 separation and subsequent divorce. She told Vogue in 2013, "Let's just say I haven't heard from him since he texted me saying he was divorcing me December 31, 2011." Icy — Well, we suppose not all ex-lovers can achieve amicability.