Margaret Josephs: How Much Is The RHONJ Star Really Worth?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are known to bring the Jersey swagger to the Bravo franchise. From throwing tables to accusing friends' husbands of infidelity, the ladies West of the Hudson are all about attitude. Of course, with the glittery gowns comes a whole lot of drama — and, sometimes, financial strife. While the Housewives franchise is famous for showing off the private lives of wealthy women, the Garden State stars have frequently been mixed up in bankruptcy. For richer or for poorer certainly rings true in these marriages! 

Margaret Josephs is no exception. While heralded as one of the wealthiest RHONJ cast members, Margaret has also had her fair share of financial mishaps. Keep scrolling to find out just exactly how much Margaret is worth, and why she was previously accused of not paying her bills, which even caused a foreclosure on her house! So where does her bank account sit now? 

Margaret Josephs is reportedly still a multi-millionaire

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs has endured public financial strife. Per Page Six, Margaret's $1.125 million home was foreclosed upon in December 2017. Margaret showed off her new property during the show's season finale, even while the house was without furniture. 

Margaret was not just overstretched financially, but also creatively. Her fashion label Macbeth Collection was accused of copying the designs of popular prep brand Vineyard Vines, per Real HousewivesThe competing company filed a $12 million suit against Margaret. She was found guilty of trademark infringement and ordered to pay $300,000. Yet she defaulted on the payment, which led to a penalty that forced her to pay around $800,000 total. 

Then in 2019, Margaret was sued by Capital One Bank for allegedly not paying her credit card bill. Margaret admitted on-camera (via The Sun) that her business filed bankruptcy. "Every month that goes by, I'm getting more in a hole," Margaret stated. 

Through it all, however, podcaster Margaret's worth is publicly listed as $50 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. The Fashion Institute of Technology alum has always tried to maintain her illusion of wealth, no matter what the true cost. Apparently, it's still worked pretty well.