The Surprising Place Bling Empire's Anna Shay Loves To Go Shopping

It's tough to pick a favorite from Bling Empire, and thankfully we don't have to! But Anna Shay legit caught our attention. For starters, she was an awesome gift-giver and bestowed her generosity on the adorable 'normal' cast member, Kevin Kreider.

Anna is the richest of all the cast in an already wealthy group, so this is extra impressive. Plus, if you are curious about where she lives and how big her house is, check it out. (Fun fact: there are rumors that Shirley Temple previously lived in that very home.) She was not shy to start some drama with fellow castmate Christine Chiu and it seemed like they had an ongoing rivalry throughout the season.

Anna has it all and was not shy to shop during filming, too. In fact, some of the best moments for viewers were the vicarious thrills we got from watching Anna flip through couture and buy some jewelry. But it might come as a major shock that Anna also likes shopping at this one familiar store.

Anna Shay takes her diamonds to Target

Anna Shay might have access to the most unattainable brand names, but she also likes to shop like the average person. In fact, one of her favorite places is Target. (Yes, you read that right.)

Anna spoke with The Cut on Jan. 28, 2021 and, when asked what she likes to do in the evenings, she answered, "It's different with COVID, but sometimes [my friends and I] go shopping at Target."

These more simple shopping haunts also impact Anna's sense of style. "I believe that one creates their own style," Anna told The Cut. "It doesn't matter if you're wearing something from Target or from Chanel. There's only one thing that I wouldn't wear. It's something straight off of a mannequin, because the mannequin is a size zero. I never want to become ... what is it? A circumstance of fashion, a victim of fashion." That's some solid advice.

Anna stressed the importance of comfort over brands when she spoke with Paper on Feb. 2, 2021 about the fashion industry. "It's not like the mannequins, you can't just walk in and say I like that mannequin," Anna said, getting real. "Well, mannequins might look great with it, but does that mean I'm going to look great with it. When I go shopping, it's really about feeling, and fabric, and the design." We love this! And from the sound of it, Target passes the Anna test.