The Moment In Tracy Morgan's Super Bowl Commercial That Has People Upset

There's a lot of thought (and money) involved in putting together a Super Bowl commercial. Some Super Bowl ads are hilarious and iconic. Other commercials cause controversy. And, sometimes, one commercial can trigger both laughter and outrage in response. Tracy Morgan starred in Rocket Mortgage's ad, advocating for customers to be "certain" instead of "pretty sure" when financing their homes. Throughout the commercial, he emphasized that "certain" and "pretty sure" are not synonyms with multiple scenarios, including jumping out of a plane and not actually having a parachute, getting near a beehive and hoping that there are not murder hornets inside, and eating a mushroom that may be poisonous. 

He illustrated the point very clearly in each of those examples, but there was one bit that had a mixed response from Super Bowl viewers. At one point, Morgan was driving a car, attempting to make it across an open bridge, which made many people think about Morgan's horrific, near-death car accident in 2014.

Fans were bothered by Tracy Morgan's commercial

The Rocket Mortgage commercial featuring Tracy Morgan raised some eyebrows among Super Bowl viewers, with one person remarking, "Pretty bold choice to have Tracy Morgan almost crash a car." Someone else asked, "Why would they make a commercial with Tracy Morgan getting into a car accident???" A different person was also perplexed by the choice, wondering, "Tracy Morgan making [a] car crash commercial what??" One person tweeted, "They really just had Tracy Morgan crash a car in a commercial... sheesh." A Twitter user felt that it's "kinda weird to have Tracy Morgan in a commercial featuring a gruesome car accident."

However, the car crash reference invoked positive thoughts in some fans, with one person tweeting, "I am so happy Tracy Morgan was able to bounce back the way he did after that horrific car crash." Another viewer said that he "genuinely laughed at an ad that ends with Tracy Morgan in a car crash. That's funny." 

Considering that Morgan agreed to participate in the commercial, it is fair to assume that he was onboard with the car accident element. After all, it did get a lot of responses, which is the ultimate goal for Super Bowl commercials in the social media era.