This Is The Actor In The Dr. Squatch Super Bowl Commercial

Dr. Squatch is the line of soap for men who "open pickle jars on the first try, slay dragons, and let their daughters braid their hair," its Super Bowl LV TV spot quips. The quirkily humorous commercial showcases a spokesperson grabbing a generic bar of soap from another man (who was mid-shower complete with a rubber-duckie-patterned shower cap). He then spouts the product's slogan: "You're not a dish. You're a man." 

While some Super Bowl commercials are known for being (perhaps deliberately) controversial, the Dr. Squatch TV spot was comparatively low-key in its humor. With an underlying theme of its target demographic being men who embrace both traditional masculinity — the "slaying dragons" part — and modern sensibilities — the braided hair — the Dr. Squatch Super Bowl ad is led by a bearded, long-haired spokesperson who seems to embody this very notion himself. For a brand that's organic and does not use any form of detergent, this man makes sense. 

Who is the mystery man behind Dr. Squatch? Keep reading to find out!

James Schrader is a working comedian

James Schrader is the bushy-bearded spokesperson of the Dr. Squatch Super Bowl LV commercial. Per his Twitter bio, Schrader is a comic, writer, actor, sailor pilot (although we aren't sure if he was being "a comic" on this one), and of course, the "face of Dr. Squatch Soap." On Jan. 26, 2021, the humorist tweeted that Google News has apparently declared him as deceased. "so far Google Alerts have only told me that James Schrader has either died or been arrested. #googlealert #imalive," Schrader wrote. 

Schrader has been quite the steadily working comic. Some clips of his stand-up gigs can be found around the internet, like the February 2017 appearance on Tonight in San Diego. A YouTube user noted in the comment section a year ago, "This guy looks like he wants to sell me some soap," referring humorously to the comedian's work with Dr. Squatch, because no, this Super Bowl commercial isn't the first he's made with the company. 

The comedian has a meager social media following — 1K on Twitter and 14K on Instagram — but with this promo spot during the Big Game, we feel like that might be changing soon. You can watch more of Schrader's work on his website and stay up to date on everything he's got going on.