90 Day Fiance's Chantel Gets Slammed By Fans For Vaccine Photo

90 Day Fiance fans are all too familiar with Chantel Jimeno. The 90 Day alum was granted her own spinoff show, The Family Chantel, alongside her wacky extended family and husband, Pedro Jimeno. Chantel's family has been skeptical about her relationship with Dominican Republic-born Pedro, and their allegations — including accusing Pedro of "'harvesting' the American dollar by moving to the United States to be with Chantel," per Screen Rant – put a strain on Chantel and Pedro's marriage. Add in Pedro's own overbearing mother and foul-mouthed sister, and the drama keeps coming! No wonder The Family Chantel has been renewed for a third season

All that being said, Chantel's drama on screen doesn't compare to the drama she's stirred up on social media. The former nursing student has received fan backlash because of her Instagram photos, namely in relation to how the reality star has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Keep scrolling to find out why Chantel's vaccine snapshot is causing a stir, and what fans are commenting on her Instagram account.

Chantel Jimeno has traveled internationally amid the pandemic

Who says you can't still celebrate a big birthday? Technically, no one, but restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic might say otherwise — especially when it comes to international air travelThe Family Chantel star Chantel Jimeno jetted off to Cancun, Mexico in early February 2021 to ring in her big 30th birthday. After sharing multiple oceanfront photos on her social media, fans chimed in to chastise Chantel for her decision to travel during the pandemic. 

Per Screen Rant, Chantel is a nursing school graduate, and it seems she is currently employed in the profession. In fact, Chantel has even received the COVID-19 vaccine.In early January 2021, Screen Rant reported that on Jan. 5, 2021, Chantel shared her first injection on her Instagram Story. Fast forward to Feb. 7, 2021, and Chantel updated her social media to show she received her second dose.

"Fully vaccinated reporting to the CDC for the public. You're welcome," Chantel captioned a post with a smiley face emoji. However, Chantel being fully vaccinated didn't stop fans from trolling her after flying to Mexico. "You traveled and didn't practice COVID-safe behavior," one follower commented. "I really used to love you but super disappointed in your behavior during this global pandemic."

Chantel received even more backlash over a photo of herself and three friends partying in Atlanta, Georgia. "Glad that all you girls are immune to COVID. Must be nice, no masks, no social distancing," one follower wrote. Nurse or not, Chantel is seemingly on the hook for her behavior away from reality TV cameras.