Rob Gronkowski's Post-Super Bowl Plans May Surprise You

Following their Super Bowl win, Tampa Bay Buccaneers stars Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski yelled the classic phrase "We're going to Disney World" in unison. Gronkowski's girlfriend Camille Kostek shared a photo on Instagram with Brady's wife Gisele Bündchen, along with another picture of Brady and Gronkowski celebrating the big win on the field. Kostek captioned the post, "When you find out you're going to Disney." 

Well, the Gronkowski family didn't waste any time coming through on that declaration. They went to the theme park the day after the Super Bowl, according to TMZ. Typically, there's a much bigger Super Bowl celebration at Disney World, which includes a parade, but the park had to scale things back in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Brady, Bündchen, and their kids didn't go to Disney with Gronkowski, Kostek, and his nephews, but it has been reported that they made plans to visit in the near future. Despite the unusual year, Gronkowski still found a way to celebrate. Here's what happened. 

Rob Gronkowski fans loved seeing him at Disney

After Disney shared a clip of Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady yelling "We're going to Disney World!" on Twitter, fans could immediately tell they were serious. "This is a genuine reaction from Gronk he's really excited to go to Disney world," one user noticed.  

That excitement continued into the next day. Gronkowski got into a lightsaber battle with his nephew, which prompted the NFL on ESPN to tweet, "Gronk has the force with him at Disney." The NFL star, Camille Kostek, and other Gronkowski family members shared pictures and videos from the Day at Disney on their Instagram Stories. People included a screenshot from a video Kostek posted, showing Gronkowski holding hands with his nephew as they walked through the park, which she captioned with "Uncle Rob" and some red heart emojis. Gronkowski also shared a video of him waving to fans outside of Cinderella's castle. 

Even the fans who weren't at Disney enjoyed Gronk's appearance, with one tweeting, "Gronk at Disney World is very wholesome content." Someone else (correctly) theorized, "Gronk would be the funnest person to go to Disney with, probably goes on EVERYTHING and is super excited about it all." 

What a great start to the week: a Super Bowl win on Sunday, and a Disney World trip on Monday. Tuesday has a lot to live up to.