Tarek El Moussa's Fiancee Gets A Strange Tattoo

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young combined love and reality TV when they got together. Tarek rose to fame with his HGTV hit, Flip or Flop, while Heather stole fans' hearts through the Netflix hit, Selling Sunset. Hey, it looks like real estate and romance really do go together. The duo announced their engagement in July 2020, according to People, so they're clearly serious about each other. (FYI: Tarek's ex-wife, Christina Anstead, is not invited to the wedding.)

Typical of celebrity relationships, Tarek and Heather's romance has brought up many opinions from others, including her Selling Sunset co-star, Christine Quinn. In fact, Tarek had some harsh words for Christine after she shared her unfiltered thoughts.

Tarek and Heather's engagement has sparked even more news. Heather ended up changing her engagement ring so that it matched her dream rock. Then, in February 2021, she got a tattoo inspired by her love for Tarek and, it's, uh, interesting, to put it mildly.

Heather Rae Young's tattoo is turning heads

Heather Rae Young gave fans a peek at her new ink, a concept obviously inspired by her relationship with Tarek El Moussa. Using Instagram stories on the evening of Feb. 8, 2021, Heather showed a tattoo right above her butt reading: "Yes Sir, Mr. El Moussa."

She added a message for Tarek in the photo: "Happy Valentine's Day Mr. El Moussa... I love you handsome! Best Friends Forever." Fans also got a clear shot of her upgraded engagement ring. Although Instagram stories are temporary (unlike tattoos), the snap is already sparking memes, with the account Bravo and Cocktails sharing their interpretation of the ink, seemingly insinuating that the duo is thirsty for fame. Oh boy.

Heather had teased the present to fans by previously telling them that she was in Los Angeles getting "a big surprise for [her] fiance," per People. The outlet also noted that Tarek responded to Heather's surprise by saying, "Forever and ever and ever," followed by six heart emojis. Well, that's one kind of Valentine's Day present!