Why You Recognize Christine From To All The Boys: Always And Forever

With the third installment of the To All The Boys series set to air only on Netflix on Feb. 12, 2021, Canadian actress Madeleine Arthur is making her rounds in an effort to garner up some publicity for her role as Christine, the free-spirited sidekick and confidante to lead character and hopeless romantic, Lara Jean Covey.

During an interview with L'Officiel USA promoting To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Arthur explained that while the two on-screen BFFs are busy planning out what life looks like after high school, the universe is making other plans. But will they have the courage to chase after what they really want and the discernment to know the difference? TBD. "I think it's so important to go after what you want," Arthur declared in the interview.

Arthur also dished that part of the soul-searching occurs when the teens take a senior class trip all the way to The City That Never Sleeps. "It felt like we too went on this special trip, getting to film in some of the most iconic locations in New York," Arthur gushed about the opportunity to film in New York City. "It was insane to me, I was so awed by seeing the Empire State building with the To All the Boys color scheme." 

But make no mistake about it — the young star has quite an illustrious career outside of the To All the Boys trilogy. Keep reading after the jump to learn about what other prominent roles the actress has starred in.

Madeleine Arthur starred in an ABC TV series

As reported by DuJour News, Madeleine Arthur also appeared on ABC's The Family — what some consider a breakout role for the young actress. "When I read that script, I was on the edge of my seat. It was so intriguing and full of twists and turns," she said. "My audition process was a short one. We ended up only having to send in one tape. I was lucky enough that they cast me off of that," Arthur explained about snagging the role of the younger Willa Warren.

During her time on the show she also got to work closely with actress Alison Pill, who played the older version of her character. "Before we started filming, we sat down and talked about her morals and how she would react to certain things in life," Arthur revealed. "It's really cool, in a story sense, to see her evolve into older Willa and see what she's done in her past to affect her. As a person, that's something you don't really know how you are going to turn out in 10 years. So, to get to see a character and act that was really exciting," she gushed.

Per Shondaland, Arthur played the role of Jane, the daughter of the character Margaret Keane played by Amy Adams, in the 2014 film Big Eyes. As reported by Refinery29, Arthur also starred in SnowPiercer, a 2013 film with a cast of heavy-hitters including Chris Evans and Daveed Diggs.