How Many Mercedes Benz Bling Empire's Anna Shay Bought In One Day

Anna Shay didn't need to do Bling Empire. In the world of reality TV, where exposure and screen time can make someone rich and famous — just look at the Kardashian world we live in now — a stint on a TV show can give someone access to everything: Instagram followers, sponsored content, and eventually money. But Anna had it all. She already has a net worth beyond most people's wildest dreams.

Actually, so does most of the cast, which is something fellow star Kane Lim told Tatler in January 2021. "If you look at it, Anna [Shay] and I, for example, we don't actually need to do this show." In fact, Lim added the fact that publicity from the show could in some cases be a negative: "Put out our lives for the whole world to see? And be subjected to public scrutiny and our own safety?"

Yet they chose to take the risk and we are grateful they did because Bling Empire is so much more than following the lives of the filthy rich. There was Kim Lee's journey to find her father and the cute efforts Kevin made to get close to Kelly Mi Li, though that did not work. But we cannot deny the lavishness of Bling Empire and there's one scene that actually got cut from the season involving Anna and it's wild.

Anna Shay spent almost a million dollars on Mercedes Benz cars in one day

"Budget" is not a word Anna Shay seems to know, and pretty much every moment of Bling Empire showcased this fact. Amazingly, some of this extravagance did not even make the final cut.

Kevin Kreider spoke with Entertainment Weekly on Jan. 15, 2021 and was asked about one of the "most ridiculously extravagant" thing that was not even on the show. "I would say Anna buying three Mercedes Benz cars in one day," Kevin answered. "It was almost a million dollars worth of Mercedes Benz cars and she's like, 'Oh yeah, my son just needs one. Oh, I need one. Oh, one for Kane [Lim] too.'"

Kevin joked that he wanted to get in on the shopping spree: "And I was like 'What?!' It just blew my mind. I'm just like, 'Well... I need a car. I didn't know we were in a giveaway, three car special.' And, I drove in the same car with her on the way home. She really bought it."

That wasn't the only extravagant scene involving Anna that got cut, though, as Lim revealed to Tatler. "Actually, there were a lot of shopping scenes that weren't included! One was when Anna and I were shopping and she was looking at a $10 million dollar diamond but that scene didn't make it," Lim explained. Golly, how much did we miss? Can this be our hint to Netflix that we are dying for a second season?