Kamala Harris Outfits That Cost A Wild Amount Of Money

Kamala Harris is mostly known for her prowess as a public servant, taking on the roles of district attorney, attorney general, senator, and finally, vice president of the United States with ease — but make it fashion. Hence those power suits, pearls, and Converse shoes we have grown accustomed to seeing her wear. As reported by British Vogue, Americans can come to expect "subtly smart, comfortable clothes that semaphore a woman getting stuff done" from Madame Vice President (as she also sprinkles in the occasional pair of Timberland boots, of course).  

But how much is Harris willing to spend when it comes to fashion? While it would not necessarily be a surprise for the vice president to want to step up her game during a highly contested presidential race and definitely when being inaugurated as the first female, Black, and South Asian vice president, it appears she still manages to do it, all while keeping some semblance of a budget in mind. (Think: ballin' on a budget, if you will.) Keep reading after the jump to learn about the many occasions Harris opted to ball out on her wardrobe and wow the American people with her impeccable fashion sense.

Kamala Harris achieved perfection in purple

One simply cannot wear just any old thing to the presidential inauguration — especially when you are the historic lady being inaugurated as the first female vice president. Nope, instead Vice President Kamala Harris chose to wow the masses with a monochromatic, deep purple ensemble, complete with a matching coat. She also opted to complete the ensemble with a classic American flag pin and, of course, her signature strand of pearls. FIERCE! Her color choice might have also been a nod to the Biden administration's message of unity, as the blending of red and blue to make purple could signify their push for bipartisanship (per WWD).

But just how much did Harris pony up for that show-stopping look? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harris enlisted the help of NYC fashion designer Christopher John Rogers and together, they made pure magic. While the exact cost of her inauguration apparel is unknown, one can deduce that Madame VP paid a pretty penny for the custom outfit. It's reported that Rogers' ready-to-wear pieces sell for around $3,995 on Net-A-Porter, a popular online fashion retailer based out of London. 

Kamala Harris took her win in style

What's that smell? Perhaps its the smell of sweet, sweet victory. Or at least that's what we envision Kamala Harris was thinking the moment she received the call that she and Joe Biden would be setting up shop in the White House in January 2021. But how did she opt to commemorate the landmark victory? With some new threads, of course!

As reported by Harper's Bazaar, Harris kicked it up a notch for the occasion and delivered her victory speech in a classic silk, ivory pantsuit complete with a pussy bow blouse and nude heels. Nary a Chuck Taylor in sight — gasp! It was reported that the pantsuit was designed by none other than iconic fashion designer Carolina Herrera.

It was also reported that the monochromatic look she sported might have been a strategic move. Shelby Ivey Christey, a fashion and costume historian, quickly took to Twitter after catching a glimpse of Harris' white-on-white outfit. "Monochromatic dressing is the mark of celebration in the Black community," she tweeted. Perhaps Harris was giving a subtle nod to her cultural traditions when she put the striking ensemble together. 

But how much did Harris shell out for such a stunning suit? Well... let's just put it this way: Herrera is not exactly known for her budget-friendly designs. Are you picking up what we're putting down?!

Kamala Harris likes to keep it comfy on the campaign trail

While it's no secret that Vice President Kamala Harris loves to get dressed to the nines — especially during historical occasions that call for just that — she also has no qualms about showing up and showing out in her comfiest pair of shoes (ahem, Chuck Taylors) and a modest blazer. 

According to The Zoe Report, in fall 2020, Harris opted to roll into a campaign stop in what some might refer to as casual chic. She paired a gingham print blazer by AMI Paris (that will set you back a cool $1180 — you've been warned) with a relatable pair of shoes all of us regular gals could scoop up at the nearest Nordstrom. Chuck 70 high tops for the win! But Harris was not done pulling the look together quite yet. Instead of wearing her shoes as they were designed, Harris took it one step further and had them adorned with the year 2020 on the sides, along with a set of campaign buttons. Festive!

It was also reported that she balanced the look with a pair of black skinny jeans. Those wanting to recreate the look could easily snag a similar pair from 7 For All Mankind and expect to drop $198 in the process. 

Maybe now is the time Harris should add "fashion maven" to that lengthy résumé of hers...