Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 2 Premiere Date And Cast - What We Know So Far

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is the newest addition to the long-running Real Housewives franchise, premiering in November 2020 to rave reviews, per Entertainment Weekly. Fans got introduced to Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, Mary Cosby, Whitney Rose, and Jen Shah, the newest full-time housewives to hit the snowy slopes of Utah. Filmed in the same city as the Mormon Church headquarters, religion, gender roles, and morals and values get tested on the series known for its catfights and drama. 

By January 2021, fans of the show expressed elation when executive producer Andy Cohen confirmed the show had been green-lit for Season 2. "Oh they're coming back for a season 2," Cohen revealed to cheers from his virtual audience on Watch What Happens Live. Although the premiere date for Season 1 isn't confirmed as of this writing, it may premiere in November 2021.

So what else do we know about Season 2? We reveal more info after the jump.

Which ladies are returning for Season 2?

Though the returning cast members in Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City haven't been confirmed, it's likely they will bring back the same ladies who helped make for an eventful premiere season. 

In January 2021, Andy Cohen teased how drama-filled the reunion taping was for a show that had only been on the air for one season. "It is nine at night. We are still shooting the Salt Lake City reunion. Unprecedented for a Season 1, 13-episode run," Cohen said in a post shared to his Instagram Story, Bravo's Daily Dish reported. "We're still going at nine o'clock. Lisa's in the bathroom. So, I mean, this is like unbelievable. It's good. There's a lot happening in this winter wonderland, I will tell you that."

Considering all the unfinished business between much of the cast, fans are hopeful that producers will bring back Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose, Jen Shah, and Mary Cosby. Jen Shah brought the drama in season one, which makes her a go-to addition for season two. There have been rumors that Mary Cosby might not return, according to Monsters And Critics. But, as it stands, it's fair to assume all six of the housewives will return to our television screens for Season 2.

'RHOSLC' Season 2 is sure to bring the drama

Housewives fans relish in the drama known to take place in the series. After The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premiered with shade getting thrown between Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Mary Cosby, and Jen Shah, viewers were fully tuned in, per Vulture. Not to mention, fans were riveted by Cosby, who made headlines for her unconventional arranged marriage to her step-grandfather, according to The Daily Dish.

Of course, all of the drama spilled over into the Season 1 reunion, which aired on Feb. 10, 2021. Meredith called out Jen for allegedly targeting her adult son on social media (she later tweeted receipts), while Lisa and Heather argued about the dynamics of their frenemy relationship. "I didn't dismiss Heather. "That was Heather dismissing me," Lisa said about Heather's claim about her being icy, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. Heather disagreed, and the conversation escalated into a sparring match. Mary also threw a few jabs at the ladies, accusing the group of bullying and always sticking up for Jen instead. "I just get attacked. They understand the malicious treatment I get, but they seem to run to her [Jen's] rescue."

With all of the disagreements, it's safe to say Season 2 will be just as juicy as Season 1.