Celebs That Deserve Their Own Reality Show

From dark, documentary-style shows like Deadliest Catch to outrageous guilty pleasures like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, everyone has at least one reality show that they can't stop watching. Religious fundamentalists, quintuplets, people who can talk to dogs– we love 'em all. 

Celebrity reality, however, is its own unique subgenre in constant need of new material. When your favorite star gets their own show, you are probably thrilled to get an inside look at their life, or (depending on the type of show) worried about the state of their career — but either way, you know it will make for some great watching. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of celebrities that would make for fantastic reality TV stars, even in the day and age where most famous folks document everything on social media. Which of these hypothetical celebrity reality shows would you spend a rainy afternoon binge-watching with a big bowl of popcorn?

Chrissy Teigen is the world's most relatable model

Chrissy Teigen refuses to be known as "John Legend's wife"– the model and author has arguably become more famous than her celebrity husband through her hilarious Twitter account (here's just one of many compilations of her best zingers from Buzzfeed) and bestselling cookbook. There is no doubt that Teigen's two adorable children, lavish lifestyle, and gorgeous house would be excellent small-screen eye candy. 

But Teigen and Legend also have a serious side that would make for impactful television. In 2020, Teigen showed her willingness to open up about the most painful parts of her personal life — as USA Today reports, her social media posts after the tragic 2020 loss of her son, Jack, were "a source of strength and empowerment for women going through similar struggles with infertility, pregnancy complications and miscarriages." While she is known online for her sharp humor, a show featuring Teigen would also be a relatable look into the life of a busy mom.

Find enlightenment with Jim Carrey

The world adores Jim Carrey's over-the-top characters and goofy impressions, but we think the world would be just as engrossed if he was a reality star (and no, we are not talking about some dystopian Truman Show-style premise, as entertaining as that was the first time). Carrey has everything it takes to make an interesting TV subject.

 According to People, Carrey has left a string of turbulent relationships in his wake, from a messy divorce with the mother of his child, Melissa Womer, to the tragic 2015 death of his girlfriend Cathriona White. He is also known for getting way too into his characters, as we saw in the 2017 documentary, Jim & Andy. More recently, though, he has had a bonafide spiritual awakening– the Vancouver Star claims that "Carrey is onto something because he sees the divine in terms of Love, rather than within the more traditional religious frameworks of a wrathful or punitive God." That's a lot more philosophy than you would get from a typical reality show, but we would love to see how he spends the ordinary moments of his day.

Lil Uzi Vert was born to be a reality star

We are not sure if Lil Uzi Vert's experiment with implanting a 24-karat diamond in his forehead is a publicity stunt or the fulfillment of some lifelong dream to become part man, part jewelry. Regardless, it doesn't really matter — it was incredibly entertaining and we want to see more of it. 

The Philadelphia rapper has made a name for himself with his genre-defying sound, but he also has a fair bit of drama going on in his life. His feud with Rich The Kid resulted in a fistfight in a Starbucks – that's just the kind of mild (but still entertaining) incident that makes great reality television. The rapper also has a soft side that we would love to see — according to The Source, he even paid the $90,000 college tuition of a fan who ran into him at the mall. Lil Uzi Vert has talent, a flair for the dramatic, and a big heart. Who wouldn't want to watch that?

Modeling meat with Lady Gaga

We have already seen Lady Gaga's Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, so we know her life is worth a watch. Lady Gaga's most loyal fans (or "Little Monsters," as she has dubbed them) would go nuts for a closer look at her life, and we would bet that the larger world is also interested in the woman behind the meat dress (which, according to MTV, is being preserved in a museum as some very fashionable beef jerky). 

The superstar also has already had a stint as a reality star, so she knows the drill! Her 2005 appearance on MTV's Boiling Points resulted in her losing the prize money, but winning our hearts as she appropriately reacted to a gross-out prank. A behind-the-scenes look at Lady Gaga's life and career would be a reality television mega-hit. But the Gaga reality show we really want to see? A high-stakes runway show that requires contestants to create fashionable frocks out of food (maybe let's just skip the steak this time).

The quest to woo Megan Thee Stallion

The incredibly talented rapper Megan Thee Stallion has a special something when it comes to interacting with her fans. Her recent Hottie Boot Camp clips on YouTube gave fans just a little peek into her everyday life, showing off her natural humor and genuine way of interacting with the world. 

If that's not all, Megan is also making big history as a female performer– in 2020, she became the first woman with three number one streaming hits in a year, according to Billboard. Her Twitter is a riot, and she has pretty much created the framework for her own dating reality show: in February 2021, she sent a series of tweets that revealed she was on the hunt for a girlfriend, sparking a firestorm of women (and a few men, all of whom apparently cannot read) to pour into her replies, begging for a chance with the Houston rapper. We all want to find out who will end up as Mrs. Thee Stallion. Could Hot Girl Meg be the next Bachelorette?

Seriously, just free Britney Spears already

No one with an internet connection and an appreciation for fine pop music would object to an extension to Britney Spears' 2021 FX documentary, Framing Britney Spears. Spears has not had control over her life in over a decade, and the popular "Free Britney" movement aims to bring attention to Spears' lack of control over her own assets at her father's bequest

The New York Times reports that movement and documentary have led to media organizations and celebrity personalities apologizing for treating Spears so horribly in the past — who knew that Chris Crocker was right? Now that the truth about Spears' post-2007 life is common knowledge, fans all over the world are cheering for the pop star to get the comeback she deserves. A reality show that soberly portrays Britney's post-freedom life would be the perfect way for her to bring her career back into the limelight — we miss seeing her on the front page for something other than bad news.

Give us a show on Harry Styles' personal style

One Direction poster boy Harry Styles has collected his own legion of rabid fans as his successful solo career continues to rocket. His charming and hilarious 2019 Saturday Night Live appearance proved that he's great on-camera, and he has years of stage experience behind him. And, of course, we are incredibly curious to know more about his personal life– is he really dating Olivia Wilde, like this Harper's Bazaar timeline insists? 

Perhaps his most television-worthy trait, however, is his gender-bending personal style (best exemplified by his 2019 Met Gala look), which has turned him into a fashion icon. Living up to his fitting last name, Styles' cutting-edge outfits are some of the most unique looks in the music industry — Vogue's compilation of some of his best getups speaks volumes. Honestly, we would just watch a show that gave us the inside scoop on Harry Styles' wardrobe — if a show about his wardrobe also included a peek into his love life, of course.

Miley Cyrus should give us a piece of her mind

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to the small screen — would could forget her rise to superstardom in the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana? Since the singer left the children's program, her life has had some tumultuous ups and downs– from her scandalous 2008 Vanity Fair photoshoot, her on-stage fight with Nicki Minaj, to her wild twerking and scantily-clad videos.

 Throughout it all, Cyrus has emerged as an icon for all girls who have been shamed for not fitting in with society's standards. She has spoken about the pain she experienced in the past several years — she even delivered a teary, vulnerable "Wrecking Ball" performance at the 2021 Super Bowl pregame show, revealing to fans that the song is "about feeling completely broken and shattered" (via People). Clearly, Miley has a lot to say, and we want to hear more about her takes on life and love. Plus, according to Buzzfeed, as of this writing, she's single and ready to mingle! What will Cyrus' post-Liam life look like?

'Spectacle' doesn't begin to describe Dennis Rodman

Okay, maybe it isn't the most ethical choice to give a reality show to someone who is known for meddling in our country's foreign relations with North Korea. But can you think of a single person who would not watch a behind-the-scenes look at Dennis Rodman's insane life? The Bulls legend seemingly pulls stunts out of a hat when he is bored. In 1996, he declared that he was bisexual (something that may not make headlines today, but created quite the scandal at the time) and held a ceremony where he married himself, according to CNN. He even had a brief stint on Celebrity Apprentice, from which he was fired for misspelling the former first lady's name as "Milania." 

His most newsworthy moment yet, however, was Rodman's unlikely friendship with Kim Jong Un. According to The Washington Post, the North Korean dictator became a fan of Rodman's when he played for the Chicago Bulls, and the two became close in recent years — Rodman has even referred to Kim Jong Un as a "great guy" and "friend for life." Clearly, Rodman's life is a never-ending fount of watchable moments. Any show featuring the NBA star would provide hours upon hours of bizarre entertainment.

How about a singing show with Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton's career has reignited in recent years as younger generations find joy in her big hair and even bigger heart. Sure, "Jolene" and "9 to 5" have become karaoke staples, but there is more to Parton than her addictive music, loud fashion, and, uh, "ample" bosoms (on that issue, Dolly told The Guardian that she is "real where it counts").

 Although, according to People, she has denied rumors that she herself is gay, Parton has become a major queer icon (via Advocate), and her near-universal appeal as an entertainer is almost unparalleled. Her personal life is probably off-limits (although we wouldn't mind a peek of her rarely-seen husband, Carl, whom Dolly swears is real, according to ET), but she would be the perfect host for a show that combines the campiness of RuPaul's Drag Race with the structure of a singing show like The Voice or American Idol. Maybe her country cowgirl protégé Kacey Musgraves can join as a co-host and bring some millennial flair to a binge-worthy series perhaps titled America's Next Best Sequined Superstar.