Kelsey Riddle

Austin, TX
University Of Texas At Austin, University Of Central Arkansas
Popular Culture, TV, Comedy, Music
  • Kelsey is a professional historian who researches and writes about 20th century music, film, comedy, architecture and popular culture.
  • Previously, she has contributed to CollegeHumor and academic publications.
  • She is also a screenwriter and comedian who loves all things silly and dramatic.


Kelsey is a writer and comedian who originally hails from the Ozarks. An Austin-based cultural historian, Kelsey has research interests including country music in the 1970s and counterculture in the South, which means she'll still be talking about Willie Nelson long after you've walked away from the conversation. She has written for comedy blogs and websites such as CollegeHumor and academic publications like The Journal for Texas Music History. Kelsey is also a screenwriter who writes for Austin-area sketch comedy teams alongside personal projects. If she's not writing, Kelsey has fallen down a pop culture YouTube hole and is likely on her 5th 1980s commercial compilation of the day. Help her.


Kelsey has a bachelor's in history from the University of Central Arkansas, a lovely school you've never heard of in a dry county outside of Little Rock. Her master's in historic preservation is from The University of Texas at Austin.
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