Over 25% Of People Agree That This '90s Sitcom Should Return For A Reboot

Of all the TV shows that have aired over the years, some of them stick with viewers longer than others. In particular, sitcoms seem to hold a special place in TV lovers' hearts. From early examples like The Beverly Hillbillies to more recent ones like Modern Family (which, according to Variety, was one of the most-watched shows of 2020), sitcoms often combine a special mix of humor, sentimentality, and endless entertainment. What's better than relatable characters, hilarious storylines, and a perfectly wrapped-up conclusion at the end of each episode? To millions of sitcom lovers across the world, the answer is pretty clear: nothing!

While sitcoms have been around for several decades, the '90s seem to be a golden era for the TV genre. Dozens of sitcoms came out during the decade — some of them good (ahem, Full House), and some of them really, really bad (sorry, Baby Talk). As it turns out, fans have hot opinions about '90s sitcoms, including which ones they'd love to see get rebooted. So, which ones should stay in the grave, and which ones should be revived with a modern twist? Nicki Swift conducted a poll asking which '90s sitcom should get a reboot — keep scrolling for the results.

Sitcom lovers want a Friends reboot really, really badly

Of all the sitcoms that aired in the '90s, fans loved some more than others. In a survey with 627 respondents, we asked which '90s sitcom should return for a reboot. As it turns out, a large chunk of viewers are in agreement about one iconic sitcom: 20 percent of voters are yearning for a Seinfeld reboot! Though the show originally aired in 1989, it dominated the '90s sitcom scene, becoming a fan-favorite for decades to come

However, there is one sitcom that fans want more. Unsurprisingly, Friends came in as the top choice for a reboot, with over 25 percent of the votes. Rumors about a Friends reunion have swirled for years, and references to the hit show still run rampant in pop culture and media. With such lovable characters and hilarious storylines, it's no surprise to see Friends as a top reboot choice. 

Other options included Frasier with 11 percent, The Nanny with just under 14 percent, Girlfriends with 6 percent, Family Matters with nearly 10 percent, and Moesha with just under 3 percent of the votes. Notably, about 10 percent of the votes were for "other," and many people specified in the comments that they don't want a reboot at all and would rather the shows be left alone. Whether you love or hate the idea of a reboot, there's no denying that fans love to see their favorite shows long after their original airing.