The Way Priyanka Chopra Overcame Her Depression

Priyanka Chopra isn't one to hold back or hide personal aspects of her life. The actor has enjoyed a very successful career since her reign as Miss World in 2000, delving into the world of acting, singing, and producing. And with her whirlwind romance and marriage to Nick Jonas in 2018, all eyes have been on Chopra as fans want to know more about the Bollywood actor. Fortunately for fans, from adjusting to married life to talking about having kids with Jonas, Chopra has maintained an open-book approach to her life in the spotlight.

All that being said, her latest venture — as of this writing — is perhaps the most candid she's gotten so far. In February 2021, Chopra released her memoir, Unfinished, which gives fans a new glimpse into the actor's life. And while on the press circuit for her memoir, Chopra opened up about a very sensitive part of her life: her depression. She also shared how she's coped with it over the years.

Priyanka Chopra has been coping with depression since her father's death

Though Priyanka Chopra's life looks like a fairytale on the surface, that's not necessarily the case in reality. During a February 2021 appearance on Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcast, Chopra opened up about her struggle with depression, which stemmed from her father's death in 2013. "I feel like my fear is always being stuck," Chopra explained. "I find wiggle room and movement, I don't like being stuck in anything outside of my control."

The Baywatch actor also admitted that she tried therapy, but it "didn't work for [her] at that point." Slowly, however, Chopra found little things to bring her happiness — like "just going to take the dog for a walk" — and, over time, she began to shake up her old routines and feel more like herself again. "I slowly started meeting friends, responding to people who wanted to meet me."

In the past, Chopra has opened up about her close relationship with her father, so it's understandable why she was so shaken by his death. Fortunately for Chopra, she found a way to "'step into the light' instead of remaining 'comfortable in the darkness,'" and with a seemingly happy marriage and a successful career, it's safe to say that Chopra is thoroughly enjoying her time in the light. 

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