Here's How Much Anya Taylor-Joy Is Really Worth

Anya Taylor-Joy has captivated audiences since appearing on-screen in The Witch. The beguiling starlet brought humanity to Split and its sequel Glass, while later portraying an empathetic sociopath in Thoroughbreds. With her turn as a drug-addicted chess player in The Queen's Gambit, Taylor-Joy's penchant for complex characters continued. 

The fair-haired beauty has already built an empire around her haunting performances, and she's surely disrupted the A-list fashion scene as well. The 24-year old is rumored to be engaged to Irish model-actor Eoin Macken, but is known for being hush-hush about her personal life. So it makes sense that Taylor-Joy's net worth is equally as elusive. The Emma star has been on a steady rise for years and it's only a matter of time before Taylor-Joy becomes a household name. Keep scrolling to find out what her estimated worth is, and why this millennial star prefers to show off her dark side! 

Anya Taylor-Joy has built a modest fortune

Anya Taylor-Joy has only been working on-screen since 2016, but already she has amassed a modest fortune. While Taylor-Joy calls herself "goofier and lighter-hearted" than her The Queen's Gambit character Beth Harmon, she revealed to The Guardian that she views fame altruistically. 

"I get overwhelmed quite easily. My brain can't picture more people than 5,000, so 62 million households having seen [The Queen's Gambit] is something I can't grasp," Taylor-Joy admitted, citing the record-breaking Netflix series viewership. "When things become this successful, it's not about you anymore — it belongs to everybody. I prefer that, I think." 

Taylor-Joy went on to explain that she is only equipped to be an actor. "I always joke that I'm like Liam Neeson in Taken in that I have a very particular set of skills that would render me useless anywhere else other than in the acting world," she quipped. "I feel like I was born off the planet." 

Despite her outsider perspective, Taylor-Joy confided to Glamour UK that she is capable of celebrating her onscreen achievements. "I deal very well with things that are undeniable and at the end of [shooting Emma.] I was like, 'I have undeniably worked very hard and I can be proud of that!'" Taylor-Joy stated. "I think it's just about learning to try and be easier on yourself." 

With an estimated $3 million net worth (via Celebrity Net Worth), Taylor-Joy certainly should take her own advice. The sky's the limit for her talent!