Here's What Annie Murphy's Net Worth Actually Is

We all want to be "A Little Bit" Annie! The Canadian starlet best known for playing Alexis on hit series Schitt's Creek, Annie Murphy has shot to fame with her addicting portrayal of a spoiled heiress. While Schitt's Creek fans are clamoring for a movie, Murphy is already slated to lead the highly anticipated TV series Kevin Can F**k Himself. 

Murphy's onscreen Alexis persona is far from the Ottawa, Ontario, native's reality. Murphy famously had been "out of work for two years" and in a "bleakish" time in her life prior to being cast on the series, per Harper's BazaarDespite starting her career in 2007, Murphy's most famous role before Schitt's Creek was on one season of drama The Plateaus in 2015, according to IMDb. Now, it seems Murphy will forever be beloved as Alexis — and her career certainly has embarked on an upswing. Murphy even took home an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy in 2020! 

So how much is this rising star worth? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Annie Murphy turned $3 into $3 million

Before landing Schitt's Creek, Annie Murphy was in a tough spot. She revealed on The Kelly Clarkson Show that her bank account was near-empty in 2014. CNBC reported that Murphy had "only $3 in the bank" ahead of playing Alexis. 

Murphy clarified to The Lily that she had less than $160 to her name after her apartment burned down during pilot season. "It was like the universe was screaming pretty loudly in my ear, 'This is not the path for you!'" Murphy recalled. "I had come to the very snotty-crying decision that I wasn't going to act any more. And two days later I got the audition for Schitt's Creek.

While it doesn't seem like Murphy has much in common on paper with her role of Alexis, thanks to Schitt's Creek, Murphy reportedly has far more than just a few dollars to her name. The self-made millionaire has a $3 million net worth, per Celebrity Net WorthThat's more than "A Little Bit" rich!