The Real Life Partners Of The Schitt's Creek Cast

The characters on Schitt's Creek captivated fans for six seasons as they navigated their complicated relationships. Johnny and Moira Rose exemplify relationship goals in so many ways, which is funny, since Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara very briefly dated in real life! Could that account for the rapport between their characters? Probably not, since they both married different people, but they have been working together since the 1970s when they both starred on SCTV, then later, several Christopher Guest-helmed comedies. 

While the chemistry of the Schitt's Creek cast is nothing short of electric, none of the actors are actually romantically involved with each other. In fact, pretty much everyone in the cast is married or in a long-term relationship. However, Dan Levy (David Rose) seems to be single. In 2015, he told Out that he's too busy with the show, remarking, "I hope that I can find someone when it's all done, or when things are a little bit more smooth."

Emily Hampshire (Stevie Budd) was engaged to Teddy Geiger, but they called it quits in June 2019, according to Page Six. Jennifer Robertson (Jocelyn Schitt) was married, and it's unclear who her ex-husband was, but they have a daughter together. She announced an engagement to someone in October 2019, but she has since deleted the post, and any other evidence of a relationship. While Robertson's love life is a bit of mystery, let's take a look at the solidified Schitt's Creek cast romances. 

Eugene Levy's wife is just as funny as he is

In September 2020, Eugene Levy won an Emmy for his role on Schitt's Creek. During his acceptance speech, he said, "I first want to thank my darling wife of 43 years, Deb Divine, for all the love, support, and sage counsel over the years. [I] wouldn't be up here without you, Deb. I love you." A 43-year marriage is something to celebrate, especially in the entertainment industry. Additionally, the two Canadians started dating in 1973, according to YourTango.

Eugene shared his appreciation for his wife on Emmy night, but the accolades go both ways. On Father's Day 2020, she praised him for being "hands on from day one" with their children Sarah Levy and Dan Levy. Divine hasn't caught the family acting bug, but she does have experience as a screenwriter. Her IMDb profile only has one credit, Maniac Mansion, but YourTango reports that she's worked on Another WorldHiggin Boys, and The Edge of the Night

There's also another IMDb page that lists her as a creative consultant for 39 Schitt's Creek episodes, which makes sense given her professional experience and the fact that her son and husband created the show, and Dan served as the showrunner for the series' entire run. It also tracks because she is hilarious on social media. In December 2019, she tweeted, "Oh, and Happy Birthday to my @Realeugenelevy whose anti-aging thing is starting to piss me off!" Clearly, humor runs in the family.

Annie Murphy's husband helped create A Little Bit Alexis

Spoiler alert: Alexis Rose ended Schitt's Creek as a single woman. In contrast, her real life counterpart Annie Murphy has been married to Menno Versteeg, a Canadian musician, since 2011 (via PopSugar). Versteeg was the lead vocalist and guitarist for Hollerado, which split up in 2019. After that, he joined the band Anyway Gang. In addition to his bandmates, Versteeg has worked on songs with Murphy. 

In 2020, Versteeg explained to Elle, "For the first half of Hollerado's career, Annie was a struggling actress—she would get the odd commercial or bit part here and there, but she had a lot of time off. So she would often come on tour with the band, and that would involve sometimes coming onstage to sing with us." Since Murphy was around often, she started contributing to the band's songwriting process. Versteeg revealed, "she wrote half the lyrics to one of the more well-known Hollerado songs, "Good Day At The Races." He returned the favor by working with her on the iconic Schitt's Creek bop "A Little Bit Alexis."

The couple, along with friend Nick Boyd, put the track together after listening to Paris Hilton's "Stars are Blind" and "Work B**ch" by Britney Spears "so many times [their] ears started to bleed," Murphy told Elle. That song will live on in pop culture history for sure, but it's even more special to know that it was a husband and wife collaboration.

Catherine O'Hara met her husband on a movie set

Even though Catherine O'Hara and her husband Bo Welch are both successful in the entertainment industry, they're both pretty private people; neither one of them has a social media account, (via YourTango). Nevertheless, they both have high profile careers. She's an actress (obviously) and he's a production designer, who's been nominated for four Academy Awards. Most of Welch's IMDb credits are for production design, but he also has directing experience. The first film he directed was The Cat in the Hat, which came out in 2003. He's also directed five episodes of the TV series A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Welch is a frequent Tim Burton collaborator, working with him on Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns, and Beetlejuice. Welch sweetly told UPROXX, "My memories of Beetlejuice are very fond, of course. Not to mention, I met my wife, who was in it." O'Hara played Delia Deetz and Welch was a production designer for the 1988 movie. 

In 2019, O'Hara, who was born in Canada, told The New Yorker about her move to the United States, sharing, "Well, I was in Beetlejuice, and the production designer, Bo Welch, was very attractive, and he finally asked me out. We went on location at the end of the movie, and we started dating. I moved to L.A. to be with him." According to The Sun, Welch and O'Hara got married in 1992 and they have two sons together, Matthew and Luke. 

Dustin Milligan and his girlfriend are frequent collaborators

In October 2010, Dustin Milligan started dating Amanda Crew, who was his co-star in the movie RepeatersDuring a joint interview with Red Carpet Diary to promote the movie, Crew remarked, "It really was a love project for everyone, not just for us as actors and Carl [Bessai] the director, but even the crew. Everyone that was involved was putting everything into it." She seemingly wasn't talking about their romance when she used the phrase "love project," but it does apply, since it appears that the two of them have been together ever since. 

Crew and Milligan worked together again for the 2013 movie Ferocious, where she played a small town girl determined to become an actress, and he portrayed a Hollywood agent. Clearly, these two are a great match, both professionally and personally, because they also worked together again on the 2014 movie Bad City, which Milligan co-wrote. He also let Crew interview him for her website Frank, which "was born from a love of connecting with others and discovering their stories" via "frank conversations," pun intended.

During that interview, Crew told him, "I think one of your most unique qualities, and what works in your comedy, is you have a very specific and different perspective on things. Your angle is always one of a kind." She also talked about his love of puns, which is something Milligan clearly has in common with his onscreen counterpart Ted Mullens.

Tim Rozon and his wife prefer to stay out of the spotlight

On Schitt's Creek, Mutt Schitt is a mysterious guy who lives in a barn and can't stay in a relationship for too long. In real life, Tim Rozon and his wife Linzey Rozon celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary in September 2020. That day, Linzey wrote, "5 years ago I married my best friend and I've loved every second of it." He kept it simple, captioning his Instagram post with "Y5," which isn't a shock since the previous year's anniversary post was accompanied by "Y4." While it's hard to imagine Mutt as a married man, the Rozons did appear to tie the knot in a barn, which is very Mutt. Based on her Instagram posts, Linzey spends a lot of time in barns/stables since she is an avid equestrian, who enjoys taking care of horses and participating in competitions

Other than their annual anniversary and birthday posts, the Rozons are a pretty low key duo — and a rather mysterious couple. Well, minus the fact that Tim is an accomplished actor on popular TV shows. Linzey is his biggest fan too, praising his success on Schitt's Creek and Wynonna Earp with supportive Instagram posts.

In June 2020, Linzey posted about Tim's first Father's Day, along with a photo of him playing with their son. However, neither of them has revealed the baby's name. It seems like the Rozons have struck the perfect balance between enjoying public success and a private life. 

Chris Elliott met his wife because of David Letterman

Chris Elliott told the Daily Beast he cried about David Letterman leaving The Late Show, which he found out while he was shooting Schitt's Creek Season 1He said "I met my wife [Paula Niedert Elliott] at Letterman, I started my career there." Paula was a part of the production staff for The Late Show from 1982-1987, per IMDb. Chris was a regular guest, writing and performing comedic skits throughout its run.  

Chris told the Daily Beast, "Dave gave me the job, gave me the income to, at a very young age, to set up a household, to own a home, to get married, to have kids." Chris and Paula have two daughters, Abby Elliott, best known for her stint on Saturday Night, and Bridey Elliott, an actress who also writes screenplays, including Clara's Ghost. Unlike the rest of the Elliots, Paula isn't an actor, but she did play a character based on herself in Clara's Ghost along with her husband and daughters, who portrayed heightened versions of themselves.

While promoting the movie, Chris and Paula were asked about maintaining their 30-year marriage. He told The A.V. Club, "I wouldn't say we're lazy, but [we] sort of find ourselves housebound a lot and we like that." She added, "We're kind of homebodies and we just sort of debrief with coffee every morning." And there you have it, the key to a lasting marriage: morning coffee... and an introduction via David Letterman.

Sarah Levy's boyfriend is her biggest fan

In December 2019, Sarah Levy told Page Six she planned to celebrate the holidays with her family and her boyfriend Graham Outerbridge's family — but he might actually be her fiancé. In August 2020, she shared a photo of them in front of a Christmas tree (perhaps from that dual family gathering), where she was wearing what might be an engagement ring. Although they've never confirmed (or denied) an engagement, there is a Crate & Barrel registry under their names with a Sept. 26, 2020 wedding date. Could they be one of many couples who postponed their wedding in response to coronavirus? Possibly, but these two don't share much about their personal lives, instead using social media to highlight their professional achievements. 

On the same night that the Schitt's Creek series finale aired, Outerbridge posted, "Words can't describe how proud I am of this wonderful woman. She's the most talented and graceful person I've met, and I'm luckier than I could ever imagine! I love you @sarahplevy ! Twyla was such a gift!" In 2019, he shared an article about one of her upcoming projects, saying "could not be more proud of the beautiful and talented @sarahplevy, or feel luckier to say she's my girlfriend. Love you sweetie!! You deserve all the best things!" 

Outerbridge is also an actor and the couple just worked together on Distancing Socially, a movie about relationship challenges during the coronavirus lockdown, according to Variety. How 2020.

Noah Reid had a 'micro wedding' because of coronavirus

Noah Reid had two weddings in 2020. Well, sort of. On the Schitt's Creek series finale, his character Patrick Brewer got married. In real life, Reid and Clare Stone scaled back their wedding in response to coronavirus. They discussed their July 2020 "micro wedding" with Brides and there's actually a Schitt's Creek tie-in. The wedding was Tuscany-themed, inspired by the trip they took when the show stopped filming in summer 2019. Reid shared, "Every day we were questioning what was safe, what was do-able, what would change, whether it was worth it. It just felt like it was our time to get married, though, and we kept coming back to that." That makes sense since they announced their engagement back in December 2018. Not only that, but they celebrated a five-year dating anniversary in July 2019, so perhaps that date tied into their wedding date. 

Just like most of the other Schitt's Creek real life couples, Reid and Stone are under the radar. Not much is known about their relationship and she has a private Instagram. Even so, Reid can't help gushing over Stone, admitting that he "honestly [doesn't] know where [he'd] be without" her, he's "grateful for [her] every single day," and she's "the best roommate a guy could ask for."

Although Reid had to change up his wedding plans, at least he and the Schitt's Creek fans will have Patrick and David's grand wedding to remember and relive forever.