The Jason Sudeikis Moments At The Golden Globes We Weren't Expecting

When Norman Lear won the Carol Burnett Award at the 2021 Golden Globes, he "wowed" everyone with his speech, specifically Jason Sudeikis who followed along via video. Of course, viewers were paying attention to Lear, but Sudeikis sitting there, resting his chin in his hand while he admired the Hollywood legend was an endearing moment to see. A social media user observed, "Jason Sudeikis mouthing 'wow' during this speech is too wholesome."

One Twitter user remarked, "Jason Sudeikis watching Norman Lear was adorable." Another tweeter gushed, "All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude, Sanford and Son ... This man changed American TV in such an important way. I, too, felt a little like Jason Sudeikis fawning over him tonight." Another fan shared, "Jason Sudeikis watching Norman Lear like a gal with a crush is *everything* I needed from tonight."

Although Sudeikis didn't have a speaking moment during that part of the night, he officially got his moment in the spotlight when he won an award. He was seemingly shocked by the honor, struggling to get to get his words out at first before saying "that's nuts," which someone described as "the most honest moment of 'an awards show in the midst of a pandemic.'" Someone else joked, "Look, this outfit made it clear Jason Sudeikis was not expecting to win and that speech confirmed it." 

Ultimately, Sudeikis became the gift that kept on giving.

Jason Sudeikis' tie-dye sweatshirt caused a stir

In addition to sitting there in awe of Norman Lear's career accomplishments, Jason Sudeikis' Golden Globes appearance stood out because of his fashion choices. One Twitter user posted, "Shout-out to Jason Sudeikis for wearing a tie dye hoodie to the Golden Globes. I mean it, I find the casual Zoom from home approach refreshing." Someone else joked, "I'm glad Jason Sudeikis decided to dress up for this."

Another person declared that Sudeikis is the "king of breakup fashion," referencing his split from Olivia Wilde. One person remarked, "If laughter adds time to our lives, seeing Jason Sudeikis in a tie-dye sweatshirt just got me at least 10 more years." And if that's true, it applies to the many people who posted about the actor's appearance at the Golden Globes. 

No one can blame Sudeikis for fawning over Norman Lear's speech or seizing the opportunity to dress down, and many people are grateful for him giving fans multiple viral moments to talk about and turn into memes.

Jason Sudeikis was actually wearing the outfit as a tribute to his sister

After the ceremony, Jason Sudeikis revealed the actual story behind why he was wearing the tie-dye hoodie.

As E! Online reported, the Best Actor in a TV Series – Musical or Comedy winner explained that his casual look was actually a tribute to his sister Kristin Sudeikis and her New York City dance studio and workout space, Forward Space.

"It's my sister's dance and workout place in New York but I believe in the product, it is a nice hoodie!" Sudeikis insisted, per the outlet. "It's family pride. I don't know if you have siblings, but when they do something that you believe in, you encourage them to do it."

When journalists asked if this was a promotional stunt, the former SNL cast member denied it. "I believe, when people that you care about do cool, interesting things that you should support them," Sudeikis said. "I had a multitude of hoodies of a multitude of things I believe in and support. This one seems most appropriate."

As Variety noted, the actor also joked about how his relaxed ensemble was an homage to cinematic fashion history. "You gotta look back at Audrey Hepburn for Funny Face," he told reporters. "She also wore a hoodie."

Jason Sudeikis also explained Don Cheadle's reaction to his speech

In addition to revealing the inspiration behind his wardrobe choice, Jason Sudeikis also addressed Don Cheadle's reaction to his speech. The Black Monday actor, who had been nominated in the same category, jokingly made a "wrap it up" hand gesture while Sudeikis spoke.

"That's just Kansas City love," Sudeikis commented about Cheadle, per ET Canada. "He knew I'd listen to him. A lot of people don't know he's an excellent stage manager as well as an American acting icon. The guy's got chops, you know."

The Horrible Bosses star then refused to give any details about season two of Ted Lasso, which he is currently shooting in England. "I'm not going to say a word," he swore. "I'd get sued by Apple! I don't want that kind of heat."

Sudeikis wasn't the only celeb to treat the dress code casually. Bill Murray also turned heads by appearing in a Hawaiian shirt with a martini, living out all of our post-pandemic vacation fantasies. Jodie Foster gave viewers a glimpse into her home life, accepting her Best Supporting Actress award for The Mauritanian in her pajamas. Her wife and dog were by her side, as The Independent reported.

"This is the best Globes ever, to be able to be home, but also it just felt really real," Foster enthused afterward. "I think people were kind of thrilled by the newness and the sort of live theater."