Why Everyone's Buzzing About The Golden Globes State Farm Commercial

When we think of the best TV venue for commercials, we might not immediately think of the Golden Globes. That honor, for most exciting commercials, tends to go to the Super Bowl — a wise decision since not everyone (ahem) is a football aficionado.

But in 2021, one commercial in particular caught our attention in a big way during the Golden Globes. So while Laverne Cox slayed in her amazing gown, inspired by Bridgerton, and while Amanda Seyfried wore an outfit with hidden meaning, we were temporarily distracted by an eye-catching commercial. Who is responsible for such a distraction? Apparently, it's State Farm.

Actually, the insurance company already made waves thanks to their clever commercials, especially around the Super Bowl LV, when they debuted an ad featuring Drake. Having the beloved rapper in the ad led to some major customer loyalty. But amazingly, in the Golden Globes' State Farm commercial, it's actually Jake from State Farm who's causing a stir.

Sorry, Drake, everyone wants Jake!

Forget Drake! It's Jake from State Farm who's causing a Twitter buzz. Wanna know why? He's a hunk! "Why's the new Jake from State Farm kinda sexy," one Twitter user correctly asked. Another person chimed in with a question: "Does anybody else have a crush on new Jake from State Farm?.. just me?" Nope! Not just you!

Some are even pitting Jake against (gasp) Drake himself, and one person has chosen a winner: "The new 'Jake from State Farm' guy is finer than Drake. Period."

So who is the man behind Jake in the cute, red turtleneck? He just so happens to be actor Kevin Miles, according to Forbes, who hails from Chicago. Miles took a shot on acting and wound up in Los Angeles with two bags, a pillow, and his car. He even lived in said car for a period of time, per Forbes, and he obsessively put himself out there for casting opportunities. "It was definitely hard," Miles said. "I kept going. It was brick-by-brick and making sure I put my best foot forward and go for it."