Fans Have A Theory About Kate Chastain Leaving Bravo's Chat Room

On Feb. 14, 2021, Porsha Williams happily announced that the talk show Bravo's Chat Room got renewed for thirteen more episodes (via Instagram). She tagged her co-hosts Gizelle Bryant and Hannah Berner in her caption — but what about Kate Chastain? Shortly after Porsha broke the news, E! confirmed that Kate exited the show without sharing any additional information. Bravo's own news site, The Daily Dish, did not provide any clarity on her departure with its story, which just linked back to E!. Meanwhile, an insider told Entertainment Tonight that Kate also left her role as one of the show's executive producers. The source explained, "It started as a six-episode, two-week run and just keeps extending."

A different source told ET that Kate will not be gone from Bravo forever. The day after Porsha's announcement about the additional episodes of Bravo's Chat Room, Kate promoted her appearance on the Below Deck spin-off series called Below Deck: Galley Talk on TwitterET claimed that Galley Talk "already completed filming for its run." Kate still has not addressed leaving Bravo's Chat Room. Why didn't Kate or anyone at Bravo give an explanation for her seemingly sudden farewell? Could it be to prevent spoilers on another Bravo show?

If Kate already finished filming Galley Talk, and she's done with Bravo's Chat Room, but she still has a solid relationship with the network, which Bravo show will she appear on next? Well, some fans are hoping she will return to the show that started it all, Below Deck

Kate Chastain said she was done with yachting

When Kate Chastain decided to leave Below Deck in February 2020, she broke the news with an Instagram post that borrowed wording from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to step down as senior members of the royal family. She mentioned her pursuit of a "progressive new land based role" and promised to "fully support His Majesty Andy Cohen." Where's the Instagram post dedicated to her Bravo's Chat Room departure? She has been active on Twitter, but she has not posted to her Instagram page since January 2021.

A fan tweeted, "where's Kate Chastain at? Is she back filming the next season of Below Deck for Captain Lee [Rosbach]??" Another viewer posted that Kate "better be returning or I won't be watching #BelowDeck."

During an August 2020 Watch What Happens Live episode, Kate said, "I just feel like I'm 37 and a half — and I don't think a girl should be wearing a skort at 38," per Bravo's The Daily Dish. In October 2019, Kate told Entertainment Tonight, "Yachting is just a very stressful situation," citing the "close quarters" and "long hours" as reasons why.

While it seemed like Kate was overworked in yachting, could she be done with her "new land based role" because she's secretly rocking that skort again? As of this moment, nothing has been confirmed and there has not been any photographic evidence of Kate's return but, maybe, this is a case of "no news is good news"? Fingers crossed.