Married To Medicine: Inside Dr. Simone Whitmore's Marriage To Cecil

Being married to your job is never easy on your relationships, and the stars of Married to Medicine know this all too well. However, we have to hand it to these couples who are laying it all out on the line for the viewers at home.

For Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore, the pair let cameras into their lives while they were considering divorce after 21 years of marriage during Season 5, according to People. "We're in a place where we're arguing over basic s**t," Dr. Simone said in an episode, adding, "It's difficult." Although the season finale suggested they were working things out, Dr. Simone said that was not the case.

"It looked like we were improving. The problem is we should have continued counseling, and we did not," she told People. "I think it's great that people can look to us and think we were happy, but we really weren't." She continued, "I've known for years the rug was bumpy. The problem is, it's sunny outside and the day is beautiful. Who wants to lift up the rug and clean the dirt? So you keep procrastinating. But now the rug is a mountain and you can't even walk on the rug anymore because there's so much dirt underneath. You're struggling to stay standing!"

Dr. Simone filed for divorce from Cecil in October 2017, but the following year the couple said they were giving things another try. Keep scrolling for more details about their relationship.

Counseling seemed to pay off for Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore

Following a tumultuous season, Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore announced they were going to give things another try at Married to Medicine's Season 5 reunion special. "We agreed we would get in counseling and stay in counseling to see if we could work it out," Dr. Simone told People at the time.

"For me, I'm not going back to the way it was," she continued. "Neither one of us were happy. So we can't go back to the old dysfunctional relationship that we had. I won't do it. We're trying to establish something new — something better — that's fulfilling for both of us where we are both feeling love and enjoying one another's company." Adding that she would like to see counseling lead to a reconciliation, she emphasized that both she and Cecil need to put in the effort to change. "I'm hoping we come out better friends, better confidants and more sexually active partners," she shared.

Luckily, it looks like counseling worked because the couple moved back in together in 2019 after living apart for eight months, she said on Watch What Happens Live. Since then, they have been getting back on track as if they did not skip a beat. In May 2020, when they celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary, they seemed happier than ever. "Some decisions are better than others and I really got this one right!!" Cecil wrote on Instagram for the occasion. It seems like there's never a final straw when two people are meant to be.