Why Everyone Is Talking About Gigi Hadid's Return Back To The Runway

Gigi Hadid is back in the runway game! The supermodel, who gave birth to her first daughter, Khai, in September 2020, has been laying low this past year for a number of good reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic has been raging on, so Hadid has smartly stayed home in her quarantine bubble. And, for most of 2020, the model was pregnant, which is a pretty great excuse to keep things low-key and enjoy quality time at home. 

Upon welcoming Khai with boyfriend Zayn Malik, Hadid has been candid about how much she enjoys motherhood. Though she doesn't share images of Khai's face, she has shared pics of the little one's hands and the top of her head. And, although she stayed pretty quiet during her actual pregnancy, Hadid has shared more and more details (and adorable photos) about it in her postpartum days and has even opened up to Vogue about how intense giving birth was.

Needless to say, Hadid has been busy for the past year — but now, she's ready to get back into her modeling career. And what better way to do so than through a Versace fashion show? Along with sister Bella Hadid, the supermodel duo hit the runway at Versace's Milan Fashion Week Fall showcase, and Gigi Hadid's look is definitely turning some heads.

Gigi Hadid debuted a new hair color

On March 5, 2021, Gigi Hadid made her official return to modeling by walking in the Versace Fall Fashion show in Milan (via Daily Mail). The model, who gave birth just six months prior, rocked the catwalk in a sheer, chiffon, all-black dress. The top half of the dress had long sleeves and a high neckline, but it still showed off Hadid's slim figure as she graced the runway. The bottom half of the dress was a flowing floor-length skirt that added the perfect amount of drama to the look. In another look, the model donned all black once again, this time rocking an oversized blazer, crop top, and high-waisted black skirt along with a red handbag.

Of course, Hadid's runway outfits weren't the only thing drawing attention. The model is known for her long, blonde hair, but she was rocking a much more fiery look on the runway. The model documented her journey to red hair on her Instagram story, and Harper's Bazaar noted that Hadid was "inspired to make the dramatic change by Anya Taylor-Joy's character Beth Harmon in The Queen's Gambit." 

With a new hair color and a triumphant return to the runway, it's safe to say that Hadid is back at it and better than ever before!