Ken Jeong's Net Worth: The Comedian Is Worth More Than You Think

It doesn't take a Community to see that Ken Jeong's net worth is seriously impressive! Born in Michigan to South Korean immigrants, per Biography, Jeong's career began with him torn between two worlds. He originally pursued medicine, getting a medical degree from the University of North Carolina and performing comedy at night while continuing a residency. However, it turned out for Jeong that laughter was the best medicine. After winning a stand-up competition in New Orleans, was encouraged to take the plunge and move to Los Angeles, Calif.

Jeong has since brought audiences to tears of laughter as the boisterous Leslie Chow in The Hangover franchise, Señor Ben Chang on Community from 2009-2015, and in 2018's Crazy Rich Asians. Surprisingly, Jeong did it all as a licensed physician (fun fact: his wife is one, too)!

"I had a very complicated life, you know, or at least in my head I did," the actor told Business Insider in 2019. "Where I was... on a medical track, and it was a very, very heavy time because I basically had two loves and two passions and how to reconcile that? The only advice I could give is just don't ever think about the end result." Well, the end result so far is Ken Jeong being a huge success! Along with stars like Awkwafina and Saturday Night Live's Bowen Yang, he's making us laugh and, per Business Insider, "redefining the way Asian characters and actors are portrayed in Hollywood."

Here's Ken Jeong's impressive net worth.

The hilarious Ken Jeong's net worth is no joke

So what is Ken Jeong's net worth today? The star is worth an impressive $14 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and it didn't take his medical degree to get him there! 

Jeong has been a panelist on The Masked Singer since 2019, per IMDb, also having joined as a panelist on The Masked Dancer in late 2020. There's no doubt that the Fox reality shows are definitely bringing him the big bucks! According to Variety, in 2020, Jeong may have been "the most ubiquitous face on Fox ... the centerpiece of what Fox has now jokingly dubbed 'Kensday,' a Wednesday lineup that includes both Masked Singer, where he serves as a panelist, and I Can See Your Voice, which he hosts." And that's on top of his already solid resume. Impressive!

Real estate-wise, Jeong purchased an estate in Calabasas, Calif. in 2016 for $3.95 million. According to Los Angeles Times, the "Tudor-style" mansion has 6,700 square feet of living space, "two offices, a private screening room, and a modern chef's kitchen with a French Lacanche range." It also includes "a custom temperature-controlled wine cellar can hold as many as 3,000 bottles." Cheers! 

In 2017, Jeong listed another Calabasas, Calif. home for $2.5 million per Cottages & Gardens, theoretically to upgrade to his massive, earlier-mentioned home. We can't think of many stars who deserve such success (on-screen and at the bank) more than Ken Jeong!