Megan Thee Stallion's Body Language Said A Lot During Her Grammy Speech

Unsurprisingly, Megan Thee Stallion had a great night at the 2021 Grammy Awards. The Houston rapper took home the coveted Best New Artist award, as well as the award for Best Rap Song during the main ceremony. She also won Best Rap Performance for "Savage" at the premiere ceremony earlier in the day. Megan appeared via webcam to accept the award and her reaction to winning her first Grammy was nothing short of adorable.

Nicki Swift spoke with body language expert Lauren Cohen to figure out just what may have been going through Megan's mind during her acceptance speech. "[Her] mouth gaping, jaw-dropping, eyes widening and holding that position of keeping her mouth wide open screamed how excited she [was]," Cohen said, referring to the first 25 seconds of Megan's speech, during which the rapper simply sat with her mouth wide open, much like Ghostface from Scream. "And then she kept her mouth open and shouted and waved one hand quickly, almost in a way [to] turn up the volume and shout louder ... in excitement." But was Megan truly shocked by her first Grammy win?

In an industry full of fakers, Megan Thee Stallion stayed genuine

Celebrities often put on personas while the cameras are rolling, but our body language expert believes the emotions Megan The Stallion showed were completely genuine. "She clasped her hands ... to reinforce her thanks and positive statements too," Lauren Cohen told Nicki Swift. "[She] came across as incredibly genuine, thrilled, [and] grateful. Her body language reinforced and was totally in sync with her acceptance speech."

Megan's entire aura evoked nothing but sheer elation, and Cohen agrees. In Cohen's expert opinion, "She laughed, she cried, she screamed, she spoke, and her body language demonstrated how excited she was. Her constant moving and shifting — hair touching and hands moving around —showed she was nervous with excitement too." Megan's nerves showed as she stumbled over her words and fixed her bun before finally thanking God, her grandma, and her mother as her voice spontaneously cracked from her obvious joy.

Megan showed similar body language later in the evening when appearing onstage to accept the award for Best Rap Song with Beyoncé. Although she initially maintained her composure, Megan made the Ghostface face once again when Beyoncé approached her, and continued to stumble over her words during the acceptance speech as should stood next to both her collaborator and idol.